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DIY Herbal Tea Blend For Relaxation

DIY Herbal Tea Blend For Relaxation

Fall is in the air. Crisp, falling leaves and shorter days with cool nights are all relaxing. Bonfires, sweatshirts, and warm drinks are on the list and are enjoyed often. Making a DIY herbal tea blend for relaxation on a cool evening seems to be in order.

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What is Linoleic Acid – Is It Bad For You?

Mass farming of linoleic acid sources

With fat sources, articles often focus on whether something is good or bad. But in the world of nutrition, it is never that simple. For instance, current knowledge states that decreasing cholesterol intake can help prevent plaque formations and keep your heart healthy. This led to the infamous “eating fat is bad'' craze that leaped into hyperfocus on supposed heart-healthy foods. These foods often included refined sugars, dangerous trans fats, and the pumping of seed oils into our diet by big companies. 

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Coconut Oil for Teeth & the Oil Pulling Process

Toothbrushes in a mason jar along with a message about coconut oil for teeth


Coconut oil has a long history of being a multipurpose, go-to resource for overall wellness. It’s great for hair, skin, and nails; it may even be a useful way to benefit brain health and manage weight. With so many applications, it stands to reason it would be good for your teeth too.

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Why use coconut oil in baking?

tools and ingredients for baking with coconut oil

If coconut oil is a kitchen or pantry staple in your house, chances are you already know how beneficial it can be to bake with. Coconut oil is a popular ingredient in vegan recipes, but you don’t have to follow a strict vegan diet to incorporate it into your baking. This aromatic oil is versatile, potentially better for you than other cooking oils, and works incredibly well as a vegan butter substitute in baking. Here’s what you need to know about getting creative in the kitchen and using coconut oil for baking


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Intermittent Fasting and The Million Dollar Question: Does Coconut Oil Break a Fast?

Coconut Halves

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Most popular diets emphasize what foods you should or should not be eating, instead intermittent fasting prioritizes when you should eat. Fast participants eat only during designated timeframes, otherwise abstaining from any caloric intake. Intermittent fasting has become an increasingly popular weight loss or weight management strategy, and for good reason. 

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Which is Healthier: Coconut Oil vs. Butter

coconuts surrounding healthy coconut oil

In the quest for making healthy choices for ourselves, the argument for coconut oil vs. butter has been a long and confusing journey. With different health histories and physical concerns, what might be good for one person could turn into a disaster for another. There is no simple answer whenever someone asks, is coconut oil healthier than butter? Instead, let’s dive into the benefits of organic coconut oil and let you decide for yourself which is the healthier option.

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