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Organic Non-Dairy Creamer

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Product Certifications:

USDA Certified OrganicGluten-FreeVeganPaleo-friendlyKosher
Whole30 friendly!

Country of Origin (subject to change):

  • Vietnam

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Wildly Organic Non-Dairy Creamer is completely vegan. It is also soy-free, gluten-free, and free of any gums and carrageenan. It contains no added sugars but it is naturally sweet. Many non-dairy creamers contain sodium caseinate, a dairy protein, used as an emulsifier. Ours does not and instead contains an organic, non-dairy emulsifier. It is 97% coconut milk and is comprised of only 3 organic, Non-GMO ingredients. This is an excellent creamer for ketogenic, paleo, and lactose-free diets as well as for those wanting to avoid animal milk or cream. Simply add as much or as little you like to your coffee or tea. Ingredients: organic dehydrated coconut milk, organic maltodextrin (tapioca-derived), organic acacia fiber (does not contain sodium caseinate).

Note: many creamer powders contain as much as 60% maltodextrin to lower costs. Ours contains less than 3% maltodextrin. 

Directions for Use:
Dissolve in hot, purified water (or add directly to your coffee or tea). The more powder used the richer the cream.