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Organic Non-Dairy Creamer

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Introducing A Non-Dairy Vegan Creamer You’ll Love

Your morning coffee is a study in perfection. Every part of your daily routine needs to be on point so you can enjoy the perfect cup. However, finding an organic non-dairy creamer that uses clean, simple ingredients—and that tastes phenomenal—seems next to impossible. We understand the struggle which is why Wildly Organic created our delicious organic, gluten-free coffee creamer.

Clean Ingredients That Taste Great

Wildly Organic non-dairy creamer is completely vegan. It is also soy-free, gluten-free, and free of any gums and carrageenan. It contains no added sugars, but it is naturally sweet. Many non-dairy creamers contain sodium caseinate, a dairy protein, used as an emulsifier. Ours does not and instead contains an organic, non-dairy emulsifier. It is 97% coconut milk and comprises only 3 organic, Non-GMO ingredients. This is an excellent creamer for ketogenic, paleo, and lactose-free diets or for those wanting to avoid milk or cream from animals. Simply add as much or as little you like to your coffee or tea, and you’re well on your way to the start of a glorious morning.

The Wildly Organic Difference

Did you know that many creamer powders contain as much as 60% maltodextrin to lower costs? Ours contains less than 3% maltodextrin because we understand your desire to find minimally processed foods with organic ingredients. Since 2000, Wildly Organic has been supplying our customers with food that will nourish your body...and your tastebuds!

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Ingredients: organic dehydrated coconut milk, organic maltodextrin (tapioca-derived), organic acacia fiber (does not contain sodium caseinate).

Directions for use: Dissolve in hot, purified water (or add directly to your coffee or tea). The more powder used the richer the cream.

Product Certifications:

USDA Certified OrganicGluten-FreeVeganPaleo-friendlyKosher
Whole30 friendly!

Country of Origin (subject to change):
  • Vietnam