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Cooking Oils

Discover unrefined cooking oils rich in nutrition and natural flavor

Wilderness Family Naturals specializes in organic cooking oils that appeal to the tastes and cooking needs of the most discerning chef. Because our oils are raw and minimally processed, they are brimming with of the natural flavors of their high-quality organic ingredients.

Our Natural Red Palm Oil stands out for its quality and nutritional value. It’s higher in oleic acid than other red palm oils with a remarkable neutral flavor and a dark red-orange color. Crafted on the Aegean coast by a farming cooperative, Wilderness Family Naturals exquisite Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified organic and is an instant favorite of our customers. Our unrefined Organic Sesame Seed Oil that is unlike any other, carefully processed at a relatively low temperature for a light, mild taste that carries a hint of tahini.

Try Mary’s Saute Oil, this unique oil made by blending Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Organic Sesame Seed Oil. It is named after Dr. Mary Enig, a respected researcher in fats and oils who discovered trans fats and much of what we know today about their effect on life.
Pantry : Popcorn - Popcorn Oil | Butter Alternative
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Popcorn Oil | Butter Alternative

The absolute best solution for "Theater" popcorn. This oil blend gives the popped corn a nice "buttery" look which is caused by its fat soluble vit...

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