Affiliate Program FAQs

Affiliate Program FAQs

What is The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program is a great way to earn fantastic commissions while promoting an established and growing, natural and organic food company. Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing that allows a website owner to earn commissions on qualified sales it refers to When finished with the easy application process, Wilderness Family Naturals will contact you to let you know whether or not you have been accepted to participate in the program. Partnering with The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program will give you and your customers access to hundreds of natural and organic food products.


Why should I join?

By joining The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program, you have the potential to generate revenue from your site by earning commissions on any items sold at


What marketing tools are provided by Wilderness Family Naturals?

We provide a backend account dashboard filled with your sales data, along with a wide variety of banner ads and text links (coming soon!). You will also have the support of our customer support representatives.


Who is Affiliatly?

Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing company that develops relationships between online merchants like WFN and website owners like you. They assist in the distribution of your monthly commission payments and provide you with many other benefits, including third-party tracking, live reporting streams, performance updates, and resources to help promote Wilderness Family Naturals products on your site.


Does it cost me anything to join The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

Nope! Our affiliate program is completely free to join.


Can anyone outside of the United States join The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

Yes, however, Wilderness Family Naturals has restrictions, shipping programs, and promotions that often only apply to the continental U.S. Although we ship worldwide, please read through our Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, and Terms of Service.


I have more than one website. Is that okay?

Absolutely! You can use the provided affiliate links on all of your websites.


How do I join The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

Just complete the application process and log in. You can do both by clicking here.


Is my website eligible for The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

The Wilderness Family Naturals is open to most sites, and anyone may submit an application, but we do reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke a site's membership at any time and for any reason.


I don't have a website. Can I still join The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

Sure! Although, we've found that having a website or blog to promote your affiliate links to be the most practical approach. Our affiliate program is not built for advertisers to create paid search ads using affiliate links, however, and these violators will be revoked from the affiliate program without payment. Our affiliate links are also not permitted on review websites or coupon websites.


How do I change my account information?

Once accepted, you will have access to our Affiliatly backend. Log into your account and use the tabs at the top of the page to get started.


Will joining the program increase traffic to my site?

The purpose of The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program is to compensate you if refer a completed sale to The program is not designed to help you increase traffic to your site; however, it does provide your site with additional content and may result in user return rate.


Where can I find your policies for working with The Wilderness Family Naturals Affiliate Program?

The Terms and Conditions of the program are displayed during the registration process. You will also have access to the FAQs inside the affiliate backend.


What is a qualified sale?

A qualified sale is a sales transaction that is not canceled, declined, or returned. Qualified sales apply to Retail only; Wholesale and Buying Club customer transactions will not be counted toward qualified sales.


How much can I earn?

Wilderness Family Naturals offers generous tiered commission rates. Our current commission rates begin at 10% of a qualified sale and go all the way up to 20%! The more you sell, the more you earn. 

Commissions begin at 10% of orders 1-49. They then progress to 15% for orders 50-99, and 100 orders or more will grant you a commission rate of 20%! The commission tiers will be reset quarterly, so you'll have plenty of time to work up to earning 20% every quarter! Please note that we cap affiliate commissions at 10% during our scheduled sales.

Gift card and in-store purchases are not eligible for commissions.


What is the set cookie duration?

Cookie duration refers to a cookie that is placed on the end user browser. Our cookie duration is 30 days. If a customer has clicked on an affiliate link belonging to on your site and placed an order within 30 days of the click, you will receive a commission for that order. The order does not have to contain the product that the link served. Commissions are awarded regardless of which products are purchased.


How do I track my earnings?

Once logged into your Affiliatly backend you can access reports, and other data that provide information on impressions, click-throughs and commissions earned.


How often do I get paid?

Payments for commissions earned in a prior month (or earlier) are processed on or around the 20th of each month and issued by PayPal or by check shortly after. Keep in mind that Wilderness Family Naturals extends all transactions for an additional month to allow for confirmation that the transaction is valid, allow for any returned merchandise, confirm credit card processing, and to verify the transaction is not a duplicate.

Payments are issued for a minimum of $50. For totals below these thresholds, we will carry over your earnings total until you reach the appropriate threshold. Earnings are distributed at the relevant monthly payout date.


How will you know that the orders came from me?

All links from your site to contain a unique identifier that tracks when a user comes to us via your affiliate link so that you are credited when a sale is made. Altering the links that you pull from your Affiliatly account in any way will result in lost commissions to you.


How often can I run reports?

As often as you like. Just log into your Affiliatly account to access them.


What is a "?ref=x" mean?

This is your affiliate ID. This is necessary to create your unique URL so that orders can be tracked back to your account. Modifying this or deleting it from the links you create on your website will result in lost commissions to you, as it will break the system's tracking abilities.

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