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Our collection of wild rice adds vibrant color, hearty taste, and ancient nutrition to any meal. Rich in fiber, flavonoids, and flavor, Wildly Organic’s selection of wild rice for sale brings together some of the world’s greatest varieties for nutrition-packed meals every day of the week.

Canadian Lake Jumbo Wild Rice

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Wild Rice | Wood Parched

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Rice & Grains | Wildly Organic by Wilderness Family Naturals

Our uncommon varieties of bulk wild rice add lively color, flavor, and outstanding nutrition to casseroles, soups, and side dishes. Toast with natural cooking oils before boiling for a more robust taste or season with organic salt for a deliciously-simple meal. No matter how you prepare it, Wildly Organic promises that — unlike commercially raised wheat, soy, and corn that have been hybridized or genetically modified — our high-quality wild rice remains untouched by industrial agriculture practices.

Gluten-Free Wild Rice Grown and Carefully Harvested in Canadian Water

Our Canadian Jumbo Wild Rice is a good source of protein and free of gluten and fat. Full of flavonoids and a wonderful taste, this rice is truly wild — planted by Mother Nature herself and carefully harvested by hand in the remote lakes of the Canadian wilderness to add a deliciously earthy flavor to your recipes.

Grown in the northern regions of Minnesota, our Wild Rice is carefully cultivated and wood-parched to yield the largest and most plump wild rice for sale in the US and Canada. Loved by customers for its chewy, nutty flavor, this wild rice variety adds a striking and delicious addition to your dinner plate.

With the belief that the most nutritious food comes directly from its pure source, Wildly Organic is proud to offer these varieties of bulk wild rice. Find your favorite varieties today, and order now to receive free shipping on orders +$49.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wild rice is a healthy and delicious ingredient you can use in many recipes. Learn more about wild rice for sale and why you need this product from Wildly Organic. Add it to your pantry, today!

How Is Wild Rice Grown?

Wild rice is grown in regions such as the freshwater marshes of Minnesota and the shallow lakes of Canada. These kinds of rice are grown and harvested using traditional and sustainable methods to ensure the product is as pure as possible.

Is Wild Rice Healthy?

Yes! Wild rice is a rich source of many nutrients. It’s loaded with fiber, protein, and various vitamins and minerals that can support your digestive and cardiovascular health. Moreover, it’s also rich in antioxidants that may offer numerous health benefits.

Is It Good to Eat Wild Rice Every Day?

Consuming one-quarter to one-third of a cup of wild rice with vegetables and proteins every day may make for a well-balanced meal that may fulfill your daily nutrition needs. Try a recipe such as Wild Rice & Winter Squash Casserole or a Wild Rice Apple Salad.

Why Is Wild Rice Expensive?

Cultivating and harvesting wild rice is a labor-intensive process and requires very specific conditions that are limited to only a few regions, which is why wild rice for sale is typically more expensive. However, you can buy bulk wild rice from Wildly Organic to enjoy discounted prices.