Why The Change?

Wilderness Family Naturals is changing for the better - and we're excited to share the news with our customers!
In August of 2017, we transitioned to a new name, Wildly Organic, with a new brand and packaging to match. Since our start in 2000, our focus has always been nutritious foods safely made for exceptional quality and taste. Our family-owned, Minnesota roots remain as strong as ever. As Wildly Organic, we carry those commitments forward with renewed energy.

Why The Change?
As the organic food industry grows, we have an opportunity to bring our expertise and products to more people and help to further the organic movement. We believe our brand evolution supports the heritage of our company while enhancing the organic promise of our products. Our updated look is meant to be as fresh as what’s inside every one of our packages.

More Healthy Improvements
These changes are more than skin-deep. We’ve also improved our online store, enhanced our sourcing and quality control programs, and expanded our selection of Non-GMO, and Fair Trade products. We now offer free shipping and flat-rate options as well. We will strengthen our focus on our core areas of expertise: the highest quality of organic coconut-based products, cacao, and nuts. Our goal is to continue bringing you the nourishing foods you love – with an even better customer experience.

A Fresh, New Look!

Let Us Know What You Think

We welcome your feedback about anything related to our brand, products, or experience. How do you like the new look? What do you hope to see from Wildly Organic in the future? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.