Wild About Cacao - A Wildly Organic eBook!


Wild About Cacao - A Wildly Organic eBook

Since our start in 2000 as Wilderness Family Naturals, our focus has always been nutritious foods safely made for exceptional quality and taste. Our family-owned, Minnesota roots remain as strong as ever. As Wildly Organic, we carry those commitments forward with renewed energy.

Cacao is one of our favorite products at Wildly Organic and the base ingredient for many more. We wanted to compile this book to share that love with our customers. In this book, you will find several articles and recipes to incorporate cacao into your everyday life. When you think of cacao, do you think friend or foe? Healthy or unhealthy? We might go so far as to say cacao is man’s best friend. Except, well… dogs. Once upon a time, the ancient Aztecs considered cacao a sacred food. The general consensus has changed little since. Science has, however, brought forth research to tell us what we were hoping all along — that cacao has many beneficial health properties! The Aztecs were on to something. Before you run to the store with excitement and stock up on milk chocolate bars, consider this: chocolate and cacao are not the same things. Get Your Free Copy Now!