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Vegetable Glycerine (or vegetable glycerin) is a clear, colorless, thick liquid with a natural, moderately sweet taste. 100% food grade vegetable glycerine is comprised of 99.7% fatty esters, made from either coconut or palm oil (ours is coconut derived). The remaining 0.3% of vegetable glycerine is water. Fatty esters have very low caloric content. Water, temperature and pressure are used to create the vegetable glycerine (vegetable glycerin), so it is not a raw product. The temperatures are high enough to kill enzymes and the material is also kept under pressure for 20-30 minutes. The pH of vegetable glycerine(vegetable glycerin) is 7.0. Our vegetable glycerine is tested for heavy metals, chlorides, sulfates, moisture and other impurities. It is as pure as you can obtain.

Vegetable glycerin is typically used as a humectant (keeping things moist), a surfactant, as well as a thickener, and an emulsifier.

It is used often in tinctures, as its hygroscopic properties (attracting and retaining water) allow for better absorption of other ingredients. Use it in lieu of alcohol in tinctures.

It works well as a massage oil due to its water-solubility (washes right off!). So, combine it with essential oils and other moisturizers. Your skin will love it!

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United States

Great quality product

Great quality product

United States

Vegetable Glycerin

Absolutely wonderful

Shannon V.
United States


Reliable product. In comparison to what else is available on the market, this product is SUPERIOR!

Brenda LaTorre

Great, natural sweetner

I switched to this more pure brand after I found out the one I was using was sourced from rapeseed oil (canola oil). I love baking with this to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pound cake. I also mix it with plain yogurt and even use it as a syrup for pancakes although sometimes I mix it with Yakon syrup, too. It does not have any bitterness aftertaste.

Janet Daniel

Wilderness Family Vegetable Glycerine

I wont use any other vegetable glycerine but Wilderness Family Naturals. I've been using it for years and I ordered it before from them but found it in a local business here in Amarillo and started buying it from them, until they switched brands and the other was soy based so I'm back for good. I like all the products I've bought here also.