How To Make Herb-Infused Olive Oil (with Rosemary and Other Herbs)

Herb-infused olive oil

Table of Contents

1. Dehydrate the Rosemary

2. Add Dried Rosemary to Olive Oil

3. Store for Two Weeks

4. Strain and Enjoy

Infused oil is a bit of a gourmet treat and makes a great gift. The secret to making delicious infused oil is to use top-quality olive oil. If you need help choosing the right product, read through our top tips for buying authentic, high-quality olive oil. Wildly Organic's olive oil meets all those requirements and makes for a beautiful and delicious infused olive oil your giftee will love.

Below, you can learn how to make rosemary oil using the cold infusion method. Once you know how to infuse olive oil with rosemary, you can do it with other herbs (like thyme or basil) or spices (like garlic powder or chilies). You can make various infused oils after you learn the basic techniques. So let’s get started!


Required Time

  • 2 weeks

1. Dehydrate the Rosemary

A sprig of rosemary

It’s highly recommended to dehydrate the rosemary sprigs before using them to reduce the risk of bacteria. Before doing so, chop the rosemary to fit the bottle where you’ll be storing the infused olive oil - then wash, dry, and dehydrate the rosemary.

You can dehydrate the herb in two ways:

  • Dehydrate in an Oven

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the sprigs on it. Turn the oven down to its lowest temperature. Leave the rosemary in the oven for 1-2 hours or until the stem is entirely dry and can be snapped.

  • Dehydrate in a Dehydrator

Spread the rosemary sprigs on the dehydrator trays and warm them at 95 degrees for about 8 hours. Check to see if the stem breaks easily. This is especially important to confirm that the rosemary is dry.

Once you learn how to make dried rosemary for the oil, it’s time to prepare the infused olive oil itself.

2. Add Dried Rosemary to Olive Oil

An empty mason jar

Place the dried rosemary sprigs in a pint-sized Mason jar and fill it with two cups of olive oil. Ensure all the utensils you use to prep and store your oil are clean and dry.

3. Store for Two Weeks

Garlic, rosemary, and olive oil

Close the jars tightly and let them sit for approximately two weeks in a warm place. This step allows the rosemary to infuse the olive oil. During this period, all the delicious compounds of the herb will be released into the olive oil. Don’t let any water into the infusion because this can cause bacteria to form.

4. Strain and Enjoy

A man pouring olive oil over green noodles

Strain out the rosemary after two weeks to have an aromatic infused olive oil. You can enjoy this delicious oil in any of your favorite recipes or give it to a special loved one. When gifting, place an extra sprig or two of dried rosemary in a decorative bottle and pour the infused oil over it. Close the lid tightly and add a label. Don’t forget to include an expiration date of about three months from the infusion date.

Make the Best Infused Olive Oil With Wildly Organic

Now that you know how to make rosemary oil, you can make any herb-infused oil and use it for cooking or hair and skin care. Make sure to plan ahead, as the infusion process can take a while, and use only the highest quality ingredients to make the most delicious oil.

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