Inulin Glaze for Meat & Vegetables

Inulin Glaze For Meat & Vegetables | I love a good glaze -- something that coats, crisps, and makes food a bit sticky and oh-so-delicious. This inulin glaze is super simple and perfect for the holiday turkey or ham or for basting on vegetables! | For most of us, the holiday season signifies a time when we will see more family, attend more parties and get-togethers, and eat more amazing food. No matter what holidays you celebrate, food plays a prominent role. In our family, we have a turkey for Thanksgiving and a turkey for Christmas. Every year, I brine our bird for at least 12 hours before I cook it. Last year I began experimenting with glaze for meat, too. I love a good glaze -- something that coats, crisps, and makes food a bit sticky and oh-so-delicious. I also think a good glaze should be easy to make. It should be sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. A truly good glaze leaves you licking your fingers. I have finally figured out a glaze that is too simple to be true. It is just sweet enough, just sticky enough, and leaves food with a sweet and smoky flavor that is too good to pass up. Can you guess what I used as the base for this ah-mazing meat glaze?

Agave Inulin -- A Prebiotic, Low-Glycemic Sweetener

It’s Wildly Organic's agave inulin! Why is agave inulin so great? It’s high in fiber and is low on the glycemic index. It adds sweetness to recipes without causing those blood sugar high-highs and low-lows. Agave inulin is also a prebiotic -- a food source for good gut bacteria.

How To Make An Inulin Glaze For Meats & Vegetables

To make this very easy glaze, simply heat 1 cup of water and 1 cup of agave inulin over medium heat until the inulin has completely dissolved into a golden yellow liquid. Then, use a basting brush to paint the liquid over your meat or vegetable every 10 to 15 minutes during cooking, until the food has finished cooking. I have used this glaze on a whole chicken, but it can be used to glaze vegetables, ham, and turkey, too!

Do you glaze your holiday meats or veggies? Have you ever made an inulin glaze?

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