5 Better-Than-The-Movies Popcorn Seasoning Blends

Popcorn in Bowl with seasoning in smaller bowls

As a kid, my family ate popcorn during "movie night"... the microwaved kind, full of salt and oil and what I thought was a good flavor. Boy, was I wrong. As I learned more about the potential dangers microwaves (and the processed foods cooked in them), I sought to learn how to make things the old-fashioned way -- including popcorn. After all, the pioneers and early settlers had popcorn, and they didn't have microwaves. Cooking organic, non-GMO popcorn in a heavy-bottomed skillet on the stove top in a healthy oil, like WFN's Popcorn Oil or Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil, is the way to go. Homemade popcorn is cheap, easy, and a really fun snack for movie night, road trips, parties, or even during the work day. Throw it in a reusable bag, and it can go anywhere you go! These out-of-the-box, better-than-the-movies popcorn seasoning blends will take your buttered popcorn up a notch! If you're craving spicy, go with Cajun Ranch or Chili Lime. If it's sweet you desire, the Apple Pie is a family favorite! Each of these seasoning blends is for 8 cups of popped corn. I recommend adding at least 1/4 cup of melted butter, coconut oil, or popcorn oil to help the spices "stick" to the popcorn.

#1 -- Chili Lime

  • 3 tablespoons WFN Chili Powder (hot or mild, depending on your preference)
  • 1 teaspoon WFN Himalayan salt
  • juice of one lime (or 2 teaspoons bottled lime juice)
Sprinkle chili powder and salt over freshly popped corn. Carefully sprinkle lime juice over all the corn. Stir to coat or shake in a bag.

#2 -- Taco Tuesday

Sprinkle over freshly popped corn and stir to coat or shake in a bag.

#3 -- Cajun Ranch

Sprinkle over freshly popped corn. Stir to coat or shake in a bag.

#4 -- Pizza Night

Sprinkle over freshly popped corn. Stir to coat or shake in a bag.

#5 -- Apple Pie

First, combine all seasoning ingredients in a bowl. Mix well, then sprinkle over freshly popped corn. Stir to coat or shake in a bag.

What is your favorite way to eat popcorn? Which of these blends will you try first?!

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