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Allium cepa is the common onion, although it is usually thought of as a vegetable. Onions are perennials that are cultivated for food worldwide. There are many varieties. Bulbing onions have cylindrical, hollow leaves and an enlarged bulb that develops at ground level. The green stems and leaves can reach 3 ft (1 m) in height. The roots come off the bottom of the bulb. The flowers are produced in the second growing season (following a required "rest" period) in a rounded umbel (cluster with all flower stems originating from the same point) on a stalk 2-4 ft (0.6-1.2 m) tall. The umbels, about 2 in (5 cm) in diameter and consisting of many small purplish flowers, are quite showy. There are two main kinds of onions, based on the day length required for bulb formation. Short-day varieties start forming an enlarged bulb when days are 12 or 13 hours long; long-day varieties don't form a bulb until days are 14-16 hours long. For both types, bulb enlargement is arrested during hot, freezing or dry weather.

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USDA Certified OrganicGluten-FreeVeganKosher

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  • China

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Tony C.
United States
Excellent flavor

I have never seen organic onion powder before and it tends to be a staple in my preparation of grass fed beef dishes and my homemade fermented salad dressings. The smell and flavor was spot on and I'm glad I have an organic source.

Dawn Y.
Smells like ONION, not powder!

I figured this would be good but honestly I was surprised at the HUGE difference between this WFN onion powder and the brand I have used for ages. As soon as I opened the bag, I could tell a difference - it smelled like onions, not like powder. And comparing this with my normal brand side by side, my normal brand had an almost chemical smell to it. We used it right away in an egg salad and it was really, really good!