Frothy & Creamy Power Coffee (with coconut oil!)

Frothy & Creamy Power Coffee (with coconut oil!)


Want to know some crazy statistics about the American coffee habit?

  • The average American adult drinks 3 cups of coffee every day.
  • We spend (collectively) around $40 billion on coffee every year.

We consume so much coffee!

Yet we don’t all consume coffee the same way. Some of us drink decaf, some of us use sugar and cream, and others take it black. Some of us want Starbucks and some of us protest commercial coffee by roasting our own beans. Still, there are even more coffee drinkers in between.

What Is ‘Bulletproof’ or Power Coffee?

One of the newest fads in coffee is ‘Bulletproof’ or Power Coffee. It was brought to the United States by David Asprey after he watched Sherpas drink yak butter in their tea. After trying this mixture, he said he felt better on that trip than on any other high-altitude trip he had ever taken. He returned to America and formulated his own version of the drink…

With coffee.

This way of drinking coffee seems to have its benefits — more energy, stay fuller for longer, reduced need to snack.

I decided to give power coffee a try. I have to admit it seemed like a weird way to drink my coffee.

Yet, I did feel like it picked me up more quickly than my normal coffee with milk and coconut sugar… and I did skip my usual morning snack.

Besides that, it was delicious! The healthy fats, grass-fed butter, and WFN’s cold-pressed coconut oil elevate coffee into a creamy, thick, and frothy morning treat.

The trick with this coffee is using a blender so it gets frothy. Without a blender, the oil bubbles to the surface very quickly and it tastes like you’re drinking an oil slick. Trust me, I tried it without a blender the first time.

Once I blended it, though, it was soooooo good. After just a few quick pulses in the blender, the coffee pours out with a thick froth on top.

Here’s all you need to do to start your morning with a rich and delicious power coffee.

Have you ever had Power Coffee? How does it make you feel?

Power Coffee
This way of drinking coffee seems to have its benefits -- more energy, stay fuller for longer, reduced need to snack. Healthy fat blended with coffee is so delicious and satisfying!
    Servings1 cup
    1. In a blender, add 1 cup hot brewed coffee, butter, and coconut oil.
    2. Pulse on high 3 or 4 times until you see a rich foam on top of the coffee.
    3. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy.

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