Herbal Gardener’s Salve With Calendula & Meadowsweet

Herbal Gardener’s Salve With Calendula & Meadowsweet


The hands of a gardener take much abuse.

Undoubtedly every gardener has good intentions to wear gloves when working in the dirt, but gardeners are easily distracted.

A trip to the garden to harvest just a few sprigs of rosemary for lunch turns into pulling a few weeds or fixing a trellis. Before long, the hands are taking all kinds of abuse.

Nourish the skin with this herbal gardener’s salve for hardworking hands. With skin-healing calendula and meadowsweet, this salve whips up in a hurry to repair, soothe, and smooth the skin.


Calendula blossoms are considered antibacterial. They are the focus of scientific studies for their sterilization properties.

These beautiful blooms are an ideal component in many lotions due to their softening and soothing nature.

Furthermore, calendula’s antibacterial properties may help with any small cuts or scrapes that are often found on a gardener’s hands.

Calendula Blossom Petals are perfect for a gardener’s abused hands.


Meadowsweet contains a naturally high amount of salicylic acid, the same compound found in aspirin.

Additionally, meadowsweet herb is traditionally used to fight inflammation. So it is an ideal herb to infuse into the oil for slathering on abused hands and inflamed joints.

Treat those hardworking hands to healing herbal goodness with this DIY salve throughout the gardening season. Make extra for gift-giving too!


Herbal Gardener’s Salve With Calendula & Meadowsweet
Nourish the skin with this herbal gardener's salve for hardworking hands. As a bonus, it whips up in a hurry to repair, soothe, and smooth the skin.
    Servings1 2-ounce tin
    • 1/4cup Wildly Organic Olive Oil
    • 1tablespoon powdered meadowsweet
    • 1tablespoon dried calendula blossom petals
    • 1-1/2teaspoons beeswax pastilles
    1. Place 1 inch of water in the bottom of a double boiler. Bring to a simmer.
    2. In the top of a double boiler, combine the olive oil, meadowsweet, and calendula. Stir together and heat gently over the simmering water for 30 minutes.
    3. Use a coffee filter, to strain the herbs from the oil. Place this over the simmering water again.
    4. Wipe out the top of the double boiler to remove any herbal residue.
    5. Return the strained oil to the top of the double boiler.
    6. Add the beeswax.
    7. Stir and heat just until the beeswax is melted.
    8. Pour the salve into a tin and allow to harden before covering.
    Recipe Notes
    • To use, simply spread the salve over clean hands, allowing it to be absorbed by the skin.
    • Use this herbal gardener's salve up within 1 year.

    How do you care for your hardworking hands? Would you like to try this herbal gardener's salve with calendula and meadowsweet?

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