How To Make An Aromatherapy Candle With Essential Oils

Aromatherapy candle with essential oils

Essential oils can be wonderful to have around you during the day, adding freshness to the air, or offsetting a hectic period. However, a good diffuser is expensive, and let’s face it…your children are likely to break them.

Making your own aromatherapy candles with essential oils is the perfect way to distribute the scent without worrying about the plug-in breaking or diffuser being knocked over and the precious oils spilling out (it’s worth remembering just how much essential oils for candles cost).

Below, you’ll find a recipe that explains how to make candles with essential oils. These make wonderful gifts and are a fun weekend project for the whole family. 

Here are some of the best fragrance oils for your candles: 

  • 10 drops rosemary + 15 drops sweet orange
  • 15 drops lemon + 10 drops lime
  • 12 drops sweet orange + 12 drops basil
  • 15 drops vanilla + 10 drops lavender
  • 20 drops eucalyptus + 5 drops lemon

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start learning how to make candles with essential oils:

  • You can buy ready-made wicks for your aromatherapy candles at a craft store.
  • Plain cotton kitchen string soaked in saltwater (1/2 cup water and salt) can easily serve as a wick and save you a trip to the store. Mix the water and salt in a bowl or dish and add the string. Let it soak overnight and allow it to dry completely before you use it.
  • If you feel the essential oil scent has faded or wish to make the scent stronger, allow the candle to melt, then extinguish the flame before adding more essential oils. Be sure to never add more oil while the candle is still burning. Essential oils are very volatile substances and can create a huge burst of flame if set alight.

How to Make an Aromatherapy Candle with Essential Oils

Makes: 1 candle



1. Measure out 1 cup of coconut oil for every candle you want to make.

Jar of Wildly Organic’s Refined Coconut Oil

2. Gently warm the oil over a double boiler until it is liquified, but not hot (a glass bowl fitted above a pot of boiling water can serve as a double boiler). Alternatively, you can warm the coconut oil on low heat (200℉) in an oven or even in a bowl set in a crock-pot on the lowest temperature setting.

Hand turning on a stove to warm the oil

3. Add 1/4 cup of beeswax pastilles per 1 cup of melted coconut oil and gently melt it with frequent stirring. Please be careful not to spill any oil on the gas stove as this can cause a fire.

Pink and grey wax pastilles

4. After the oil and wax are all melted together, let the mixture cool slightly. While it is cooling, add 25 drops of essential oils.

Adding essential oils to melted oil and wax

5. Add wicks to the jars. To keep the wick in place while the wax cools, take a part of a wick and wrap it around a pencil. Place the pencil across the top of the glass jar and suspend the wick below into the middle of the jar.

Wicks hanging in preparation for adding wax

6. Pour the oil and wax into the prepared jar. Allow the candle to cool completely, then trim the wick so that it is about an inch long.

Pouring oil and wax into prepared jars

7. Use your aromatherapy candle in an open area away from anything flammable. Let it burn for at least half an hour each time to allow the oils to diffuse properly.

Candles burning next to a white book

This was our take on how to make candles with essential oils. Experiment a little to see which candle fragrance oils work best for you and have fun along the way! And don’t hesitate to drop us some feedback on our recipes.

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