Sweet Walnut Dessert Drizzle For Ice Cream, Yogurt, & More

Sweet Walnut Dessert Drizzle on top of vanilla ice cream {homemade nut topping for ice cream, yogurt, pancakes, and more!}


I don’t discriminate against any dessert… I’m in love with them all.

Do you know what makes desserts even better?

If you answered more dessert on top of dessert, you would be correct!

I’m not talking about stacking cherry pie, onto chocolate cake, onto ice cream, onto pudding, topped with whipped cream. (Oh boy, I must be hungry.)

And this Sweet Walnut Dessert Drizzle… it’s a gloriously crunchy, sweet, and sticky topping that you can add to just about any treat.

What makes this recipe even better is that it’s not limited to just dessert! You can add this Sweet Walnut Dessert Drizzle to other dishes too:

  • Add to plain yogurt or kefir for a crunchy, maple-y snack.
  • Top your sweet potatoes.
  • Top your cereal or granola.
  • Spoon over pancakes.
  • Add to cookie and cake recipes.
  • Drizzle over ice cream. (Ok, I wandered back into desserts.)

That may sound a tad unhealthy, but this recipe is a bit different. There’s no corn syrup here.

This recipe uses two Real Food syrups: 100% maple syrup and Wildly Organic coconut syrup. If you haven’t tried coconut syrup before, you should. It  adds a delicious, caramel flavor to almost any recipe it enters. And though it has a rich sweetness it’s low on the glycemic index.  Win, win!

I would love to tell you about the walnuts I used, too! I used Wilderness Family Naturals soaked and dehydrated walnuts. These certified organic, walnuts come halved and ready to eat. The flavor is amazing!

I can’t wait for you to try my Sweet Walnut Dessert Drizzle!

Have you ever bought nutty toppings from the store that were full of corn syrup and other additives? Do you love that you can make your own, healthier nut topping?!

Sweet Walnut Dessert Drizzle
A sweet, sticky, crunchy topping for desserts, yogurt, pancakes, and other goodies.
    Servings15 servings
    Prep Time2 minutes
    Cook Time15 minutes
    Passive Time3 hours
    1. Add maple syrup, coconut syrup, vanilla, and salt to a small sauce pan.
    2. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat.
    3. Let the mixture boil for 90 seconds while continually stirring.
    4. Pour the walnuts into a quart-size Mason jar.
    5. Pour the hot syrup over the walnuts.
    6. Cover the jar and cool in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
    7. Spoon your homemade nut topping over your favorite dessert, yogurt, pancakes, sweet potatoes, and more!

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