Coconut Aminos, Certified Organic

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A Soy-free Soy Sauce for Your Recipes

Wildly Organic’s Coconut Aminos is made by gathering fresh sap (coconut nectar) from coconut trees. The organic nectar is filtered, naturally fermented, and blended with unrefined sea salt.

The low sodium Coconut Aminos sauce contains 17 amino acids and can be substituted for soy sauce and tamari in recipes. Our Coconut Aminos’ slightly sweet, savory flavor makes it an excellent addition to stir-fries, salad dressings, noodles, marinades, soups, and so much more.

No Soy


No Gluten

No Dairy



Whole30® friendly

Wildly Organic’s Coconut Aminos arrive ready to use in a 12-fluid-ounce glass bottle with a plastic lid.

Refrigerate after opening

Why Substitute Soy Sauce With Gluten-free Coconut Aminos?

The attractiveness of Coconut Aminos may be less about what it does contain but much more about what it doesn’t contain, namely soy, gluten, and an excessive amount of sodium. They choose Coconut Aminos over traditional soy sauce because they want to avoid certain ingredients and follow a more conscious diet. 

Coconut Aminos is basically a soy-free soy sauce with no gluten or wheat. The lack of these ingredients makes this coconut product perfect for people with gluten food intolerances or allergies. 

Organic Coconut Aminos also have 73% less sodium than soy sauce. Those who want to reduce sodium in their diets can still enjoy a delicious flavorful meal with the help of our Coconut Aminos.

How to Use Our Coconut Aminos Sauce

Gluten-free Coconut Aminos have a similar color and consistency to light soy sauce. However, it has a milder flavor without tasting like coconut! 

You can use it as a direct substitute for soy sauce in a 1:1 ratio. This delicious sauce goes great with rice and noodle dishes. You can also use it in marinades or as a dipping sauce for sushi. 

Recipes Using Our Organic Coconut Aminos

Looking for ways to cook with Coconut Aminos? Here are some enticing recipes you can try:

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions about our soy-free soy sauce? Find the answers here!

Can you heat Coconut Aminos?

Yes. You can heat our Coconut Aminos sauce just like regular soy sauce. Add a splash of it to your favorite stir-fry recipe and heat through to end up with the most delicious dish. You can also use it without heating it as a salad dressing for an enhanced flavor.

How much salt is in organic Coconut Aminos?

Our gluten-free Coconut Aminos have 408 mg of salt per serving (1 tablespoon). Traditional soy sauce contains a whopping 880 mg of salt per serving. Some brands even have up to 1000 mg of sodium per tablespoon! The low salt content makes Coconut Aminos an excellent soy sauce substitute.

What is the difference between coconut oil and Coconut Aminos?

Coconut Aminos is a dark sauce made from the nectar of a coconut tree. Whereas coconut oil is a light-colored product made from fresh coconut meat. You can use Coconut Aminos as a sauce to enhance the flavor of your dishes. Meanwhile, coconut oil is mainly used as an ingredient in recipes or as a boost to your morning coffee or smoothie. 

Do organic Coconut Aminos spike insulin?

Gluten-free Coconut Aminos have a glycemic index of 35. This means it won’t cause a rapid spike in your blood sugar levels. So you can safely use this soy-free soy sauce even if you have diabetes.

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Product Certifications:

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