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Garlic plants are closely related to and similar to onions and they have a similar, but stronger odor. The leaves of garlic plants are neither inflated like onion leaves nor tubular like those of bunching onions. Instead, they are flat, with a crease down the middle and are held erect in two opposite ranks. Most varieties stand about 1-2 ft (0.3-0.6 m) tall at maturity. Garlic plants produce an underground bulb that usually is divisible into 6-20 segments, called cloves. There are more than two dozen varieties of typical or "softneck" garlic listed in Cornucopia II. Hard-neck garlic (a.k.a. rocambole, top-setting garlic, and serpent garlic) is Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon. It produces a flower stalk that coils like a snake, then straightens out and bears clusters of pea-sized bulblets or "bulbils" that are like miniature garlic bulbs.

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Organic garlic powder arrives ready-to-use in 4.5 ounce plastic shaker jars and 16 ounce Wilderness Family Naturals branded vapor-barrier, resealable packaging to maintain freshness. Packaging may include an oxygen absorber.

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USDA Certified OrganicGluten-FreeVeganKosher

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