Almost Ambrosia Salad {gluten-free, vegan, paleo, refined sugar free}

A photo of ambrosia salad with pecans in a bowl.


What does the word ambrosia conjure up in your mind? If you think of creamy, fruity, coconutty goodness, then you’ll love this fresh and healthy version of Ambrosia Salad.

The classic Ambrosia Salad is typically a mixture of canned fruit, frozen whipped topping, shredded coconut, and nuts. Some variations include instant pudding, sour cream, or even sugar.

I always loved seeing Ambrosia Salad at family gatherings, but now I cringe when I think about what I was likely eating as a young and developing child! You know, like red-dyed maraschino cherries!

Ambrosia Salad Recipe

Helloooo, Almost Ambrosia Salad!

Let’s give that vintage, cool and fruity salad a makeover! I’m calling it Almost Ambrosia since it has the classic flavors of ambrosia without the unhealthy ingredients. Just fresh fruit, a vegan whipped cream, pecans, and no refined sugars!

I’ve used just a tablespoon of Wilderness Family Naturals’s Coco Monkey Sweetener to sweeten the coconut cream. Feel free to use more if you like, or try a bit of WO Coconut Syrup instead! Its caramelly sweet goodness adds delicious flavor as well as sweetness to any recipe.

Vegan whipped cream is just a can of coconut milk away!

Pro tip: If you always keep a few cans of coconut milk in the fridge, you can easily make these in no time. If not, you’ll want to plan ahead and pop a can in there the day before you want to make these tasty treats. The rich coconut cream will separate from the coconut water and you’ll be able to make vegan “whipped cream”!

While we aren’t using marshmallows in this recipe, marshmallows are a classic ingredient in the iconic ambrosia salad. If you’d like to add marshmallows, try making your own! You can also find vegan marshmallows in many health food stores if you just can’t imagine Ambrosia Salad without them

Make this easy Almost Ambrosia salad and give it a good chill in the fridge before serving for best flavor. Take it to potlucks, BBQs, or just keep it in the fridge for cool, refreshing snacks and desserts on hot summer days.

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What will you serve with this healthy Almost Ambrosia Salad?

Ambrosia Salad
Ambrosia Salad is a staple at many family gatherings. Creamy, fruity, coconutty goodness, the whole family will love this fresh and healthy version of Ambrosia Salad using just fruit, vegan whipped cream, nuts and no refined sugars! Take it to your next potluck or BBQ this summer!
    Servings8 servings
    Prep Time10 min
    Passive Time8 hours
    1. The day before you want to make this put your can of coconut milk in the refrigerator to chill and separate.
    2. When you're ready to make it open the can and scoop out the coconut cream that has separated from the water and place it in a mixing bowl.
    3. Add the vanilla and beat well for several minutes until creamy and fluffy.
    4. Add Coco Monkey sweetener (or sweetener of choice) and beat to combine.
    5. Add fruit, shredded coconut, and pecans and mix well.
    6. Refrigerate at least an hour before serving.

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