Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub

Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub


Cacao is no longer only reserved for sweet dishes like brownies and hot chocolate.

Have you tried using it in dry rubs and other savory dishes? It brings a depth of flavor to meaty dishes that no other spice can!

Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub

This Cacao Spiced Steak Rub is easily whipped up in 2 minutes and makes a generous amount for 2 pounds of steak. As with any steak, it’s best to generously season all sides of the meat before slapping it on the grill. Use your favorite cut of steak and your favorite method of cooking for full enjoyment!

Still not convinced to make this Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub?

Consider this…

  • Steaks make an easy dinner on a busy night even though they are typically reserved for more fancier meals.
  • Steaks don’t require a marinade because of the marbled, tender cut typically used for grilling. A simple dry rub is a perfect choice for steaks.
  • With just a simple side dish or large salad, you have a delicious and healthy meal.
  • Steaks highlight the star of the dinner which is undeniably the dry rub. This is what makes the steak stand out!

Enjoy the bold flavors of cacao powder, garlic, paprika and a touch of chili powder in this yummy Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub.

Favorite Steak, Favorite Cooking Method

Because the star of this dish is the rub, I will defer to you for your favorite cut of steak and method of cooking. My ideal steak is the tri-tip, but I used sirloin tri-tip for this recipe because that is what I had available at the moment.

Additionally, there’s nothing better than grilled steak but you can still enjoy a good steak dinner regardless of grill ownership. The best tool for stovetop faux grilling is the cast iron grill pan, but even a regular cast iron will work in a pinch.

Whatever cut of steak you use and whatever method of cooking — just make this Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub already!

Have you tried cacao in savory dishes?

Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub
This Cacao-Spiced Steak Rub will undeniably be the highlight of your next grilling night! Plus, a grilled steak with a simple side dish or healthy salad is an easy dinner any night of the week!
    Servings4 tablespoons
    Prep Time5 minutes
    1. Combine all ingredients for the rub together in small bowl.
    2. Generously season patted-dry steaks with the Cacao Spiced Steak Rub. Be sure to get both sides and all edges too.
    3. Grill steaks according to your favorite method (grill or pan).

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