Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Split {Healthy, Vegan option}

chocolate hazelnut banana split

This decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Split is a fun and healthy twist to the classic banana split. The fun is in the toppings. A delicious ice cream dessert, this banana split is topped with organic, dairy-free chocolate syrup from Wildly Organic, fresh strawberries and cherries, and buttery hazelnuts. A healthy diet or having food allergies doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying delicious and classic desserts that you thought were no longer an option.

How to make a healthy and delicious banana split?

  1. Find a really cute bowl or dish to serve your banana split in. Classic banana splits are done in special glass dishes that look like boats. Use your imagination to find the dish that works for you.
  2. Cut a medium banana in half lengthwise and add it to your dish.
  3. Add three scoops of your favorite ice cream between the banana halves. You can add only chocolate or only vanilla scoops or alternate between chocolate and vanilla or other flavors you love. The traditional banana split has three different scoops of ice cream—one chocolate, one vanilla, and one strawberry.
  4. Garnish with delicious Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup. I love this sauce. Not only does it taste amazing, but it is made with only two healthy ingredients—raw cocoa powder and raw agave. No more feeling guilty while eating chocolate.

5. Add diced fresh fruit like strawberries and cherries and chopped raw hazelnuts from Wildly Organic, giving the banana split a fresh and luxurious taste.

6. Optionally, you can add some whipped cream and top with a cherry. I decided not to use whipped cream, but I added some Wildly Organic raw Coconut flakes instead.

7. Don’t forget to eat it right away; it will melt! But be sure to share…banana splits are made for splitting with your special someone or a family member.

How to make Banana Split Dairy-free and Vegan?

*Use a dairy-free ice cream that is made from coconut milk, or use sorbet that is made only from fruit and sugar.

*Use Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup, made without dairy, but tastes better than other “regular” chocolate syrups.

*For whipped cream, use a dairy-free version, or make your own from coconut cream.

A fun and tasty twist to a classic dessert, this decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Split will bring you back to your childhood. Enjoy during a hot summer day with your friends or as a Sunday dessert with your whole family.

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Split (Healthy, Dairy-free option)
Looking for a yummy dessert that is easy to make and satisfy your sweet tooth? This decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Split is a fun and healthy twist to the classic banana split. Topped with fresh fruit, raw hazelnut and organic chocolate syrup, this delicious ice cream banana split will bring you back to your childhood, while satisfying your sweet tooth.”
    Servings1 serving
    Prep Time5 mins
    1. Add the split banana to a dessert dish.
    2. Add 3 scoops of ice cream between the two pieces of banana.
    3. Add the strawberries, cherries, and hazelnuts over the ice cream
    4. Drizzle chocolate syrup over the banana split.
    5. Serve immediately.

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