DIY Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub {Only 4 Ingredients!}

DIY Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub {Only 4 Ingredients!}

Just in time for the holidays, this festive DIY Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub is incredibly easy to make and use. This scrub makes a great gift for friends and family. It’s also a perfect excuse to pamper yourself! 

Because, let’s be honest, the holiday season is a time when all of us need some extra pampering. Between the dry air and extra stress, taking some time for yourself is an absolute must! So, try making a double batch of this exfoliating sugar scrub recipe for yourself and to give to others.

DIY Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

The best part of this recipe is the hot chocolate! Unlike regular hot chocolate mixes, Wildly Organic Hot Chocolate Mix is made with simple, wholesome ingredients! It’s sweetened with organic coconut sugar, which is high in antioxidants (which your skin needs for fighting wrinkles!). Then there’s coconut milk powder, which is nourishing, antibacterial, and high in vitamins C, E, magnesium, and other things that are good for your skin.

And of course, there’s the raw organic cacao powder, which delivers important minerals and another dose of antioxidants for an anti-aging effect.

This scrub also uses sugar, which is a humectant and helps attract moisture to nourish your skin- something all of us need in the winter! This recipe uses brown sugar since it’s less rough for the fragile skin on your face, but if you’ll just be using this sugar scrub for non-facial areas, feel free to use any type of sugar you like.

Finally, for a carrier oil, I like using sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. Both are wonderful for your skin. They’re moisturizing, anti-aging, and especially great for chapped lips.

If you’re a fan of peppermint hot chocolate, you can also try adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your sugar scrub! Peppermint oil helps to hydrate and moisturize dry skin. It also protects against acne, and it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory!

How to Make DIY Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

You’ll need:


Combine the hot chocolate mix, brown sugar, sweet almond or jojoba oil, and essential oil together until combined.

To use this scrub, simply wet your skin and apply the scrub in small circles. Don’t rub too hard. You might want to do this in the tub or over a sink so you don’t make a mess.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

If you have sensitive skin (especially on your face), you might want to test out the scrub on a small area to make sure it’s not too abrasive, or just stick to other areas. This works great as a hand and foot scrub too!

You’ll also want to make sure not to get your leftover scrub wet- water can attract bacteria and might reduce the lifespan of your sugar scrub. Try to use your scrub within a couple of months.

Stir your sugar scrub before using it, either with a finger or small spoon, since the oil tends to float to the top.

If you’re making this as a gift, I’d suggest putting it into 4 oz. mason jars. You can wrap it up with some ribbon, put it in a tin, or make a cute printed or handwritten label if you’d like!

If you want to make it extra cute, try wrapping it with twine and including a sprig of evergreen, a cinnamon stick, or a candy cane!

Some people really enjoy making labels, but I like leaving my DIY blends plain -and then explaining what they are and how to use them in person. I feel like it adds to the personalization. But do whatever you enjoy!

And lastly, I highly recommend pairing your scrub with some hot chocolate to sip on. You’ll want it after you find out how delicious this yummy scrub smells!

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