Sugar-Free Strawberry Santas {a perfectly adorable Christmas snack!}

several strawberries with coconut cream filling in the shape of mini santa claus' on a tray for serving


We love these adorable costumed morsels for the Christmas holidays. They’re just so cute and delicious!

A platter of these sugar-free strawberry Santas will disappear like magic.

Now you see them; now you don’t!

Sugar-Free, You Say?

Wildly Organic’s Coco Monkey is a wonderful, versatile, sugar-free sweetener.

It is water-soluble, so it is not suited to mixing with fats. For example, in making chocolate, Coco Monkey is not an ideal sweetener because it won’t mix well with cacao butter. It coagulates and solidifies. But it is wonderful for stirring into drinks (like this Sugar-Free Holiday Mocktail!) and for complimenting the sweetness of fruit, like in these sugar-free strawberry Santas.

I like it so much that I had to get a jar for each of my siblings. Diabetes runs in our family, so it made a very practical gift. It was wonderful to see them break their addiction to saccharin. They can’t believe how much better it tastes and is always excited to share the new and interesting ways they are using it.

There is a true feeling of fulfillment you get when you are consciously eating foods that support the best function of your body. And when you share that knowledge with others!

Sugar-Free Strawberry Santas

These ruby gems are a perfect source of antioxidant-promoting vitamin C and manganese. Strawberries are also a great source of dietary fiber, folate, magnesium, vitamin B6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

And the creamy filling that creates a Santa hat look-alike?

Soft cream cheese mixed Wildly Organic’s coconut milk powder, Wildly Organic’s signature sugar-free sweetener, and some lemony goodness.


Give these little Santas a whirl. They will not only brighten up your table; they will brighten the faces of friends and family who are sure to love their cuteness just as much as their deliciousness.

What is your favorite sugar-free sweetener? What cute Christmas snack, dessert, or appetizer will you be making this year?

Sugar-Free Strawberry Santas
I love these adorable costumed morsels for the Christmas holidays. They're just so cute and delicious! A platter of these sugar-free strawberry Santas will disappear like magic.
    Prep Time15 minutes
    Cook Time10 minutes
    1. Prep the strawberries by washing and cutting of the green stem to create a flat surface.
    2. Cut off bottom tip of each strawberry, enough to use as a hat. Set aside.
    3. Blend the cream cheese, Coco Monkey, coconut milk powder, lemon juice and zest in a food processor or blender until thoroughly blended and creamy.
    4. Put the cream cheese mixture into a piping tool or bag.
    5. Pipe a round dollop on the smaller flat side of each strawberry, using the large flat end as the base.
    6. Top all strawberries with strawberry points on top of dollops, as a hat.
    7. Add 2 chocolate chips into front of the cream, pointed side in and flat side out, so they resemble eyes.
    8. Top each Santa hat with a much smaller dollop of cream and place on a platter.
    9. Place in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Best served within a couple of hours.

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