Which Coconut Oil Is Best?

Coconuts and coconut oil

Coconut oil has taken over the world in the last few years. This plant-based fat has been used for centuries by Eastern countries, but now people from around the globe have access to it. Many replace their regular cooking oils with coconut oil for its amazing health benefits and incorporate it into their beauty routines. With its various types and potential uses, you may wonder which coconut oil is best for your needs. Here we will look at each kind and discuss the differences between refined and unrefined coconut oils to help you decide the best one for yourself. So keep reading to get the most out of coconut oil. 

What Types of Coconut Oil Are There?

There are different types of coconut oil, each made with unique processing methods that give the final product a distinct range of characteristics and flavors. Understanding how each type is extracted can help you decide which coconut oil is best for you. Let’s look at four of the most popular types of coconut oil. 

Refined Coconut Oil

Refined coconut oil is a flavorless oil that is perfect for those who don’t like the taste and aroma of coconuts. The main difference between refined and unrefined coconut oils is in the process that removes the coconut scent and flavor from the final product. This oil can be used for sautéing, stir-frying, and baking. 

How is Refined Coconut Oil Made?

  • Manufacturers dry the coconut meat via the sun or smoke. 
  • They use large, mechanical expeller presses to press the dried coconut meat under heat and pressure and produce brown, crude coconut oil. 
  • They remove any free fatty acids or breakdown products from the oil.
  • Any remaining moisture and flavor are removed with filtering and refining processes. 
  • The oil is steam distilled, yielding a pure and clear final product which is the best coconut oil for people who dislike the taste and scent of coconuts. 

Refined coconut oil is usually the least expensive option. It has a long shelf-life and a high smoke point. 

Coconut Oil In Glass Jars

Centrifuge-Extracted Coconut Oil

Centrifuge-extracted coconut oil is a type of virgin coconut oil made from fresh, delicate coconut cream or milk at low temperatures. It has a light flavor and smooth texture, which makes it the best coconut oil for spreading on toast. It can be used for sautéing, stir-frying, baking, and eating raw. Plus, it’s the perfect coconut oil to add to your skin and hair

How is Centrifuge-Extracted Coconut Oil Made?

  • Manufacturers press the coconut flesh to create fresh coconut cream or milk that is about 40% oil. 
  • The pressing is performed on special equipment that is cooled by cold water to ensure the temperature of the cream doesn’t go beyond 120° F.
  • Using a series of centrifuges, they separate the oil and water components of the coconut cream.
  • After a few passes through various centrifuges, the coconut cream is concentrated to produce pure coconut oil and separate the water-soluble contents.
  • With the use of a vacuum, any remaining moisture is removed from the oil.
  • The final product is packaged and ready to go.

The centrifuge-extracted product, which is the best coconut oil for using on hair and skin, has a mild and creamy finish. This is one of the highest quality coconut oils with a more expensive price tag. However, the extreme purity and delicious taste make it absolutely worth it!

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold-Pressed coconut oil is the virgin, unrefined coconut oil produced using minimum heat. The difference between the unrefined coconut oil and the refined version is in its flavor. This product has a more powerful coconut flavor, which makes it the best coconut oil for people who enjoy a rich taste. It’s perfect for bath and body use. You can also use it for cooking, baking, and making smoothies. 

How is Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil Made?

  • Manufacturers grate fresh coconut meat and dehydrate it at low temperatures until they get crisp coconut flakes. 
  • The dried coconut flakes are pressed with various degrees of pressure and temperature to produce the oil.
  • The coconut oil is clarified and ready for use. 

The drying temperature throughout the process can affect the final taste and quality of the product. So each brand of cold-pressed coconut oil might taste different from the other. The taste can range from toasted to a raw or even burnt flavor, which makes this type of coconut oil the best one for people who love to take their taste buds on a journey. 


MCT Oil or liquid coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These MCTs can be easily absorbed by your body and quickly turned into energy. Studies show that the MCTs in coconut oil can also boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. The delicious MCT oil, which is the best coconut oil for adding to smoothies, coffees, and salad dressings, can also be eaten on its own.

How is MCT Oil Made?

  • MCT oil is made from raw coconut oil.
  • Manufacturers remove unwanted compounds in coconut to produce the concentrated MCT oil.
  • MCT is fractioned coconut oil that contains C-8 and C-10
    • C-8 is an energy booster that helps fight infection and reduces gut inflammation
    • C-10 kills yeast and fungi, plus it boosts your immunity

While you can make baked goods with this tasty oil, you shouldn’t exceed its smoke point of 320°F.

So Which Type of Coconut Oil is Best?

As you can see, each type of natural coconut oil has its own advantages and can be used for different purposes. While you can use any of them for all your cooking and beauty goals, here is the best use for each type:

  • Refined coconut oil is best for cooking for those who don’t like the flavor and aroma of coconut
  • Centrifuge-extracted coconut oil is best for personal care and beauty and for making flaky pastries
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil is best for use in raw treats and personal care for those who like a rich coconut taste
  • MCT oil is best for low-temperature cooking and a quick energy boost. Use it in your coffee and smoothies to get the most out of its incredible health benefits

Now that you know the difference between refined and unrefined coconut oils and which coconut oil is best for every use, you can head to our shop. Choose your product from our versatile collection at Wildly Organic and get free shipping on +$49 orders. No matter which type of coconut oil you choose, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the purest, most natural product every time.

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