Why You Should Consider Using Coconut Oil Instead of Butter

Coconut oil as a substitute for butter

Nutritionists and health experts have been going back and forth on the benefits and pitfalls of various fat sources for ages. It seems like every year they change their minds. But if there is any theme that modern science has been moving towards consistently for the past 50 years, it is the overall benefit of choosing plant products over animal products. This includes using coconut oil as a substitute for butter. These principles seem to be outside the influence of trendy product placement or fad diets. 

From cardiologists to alternative medicine practitioners, the message is clear: limit animal fats and lower overall calorie intake. We can apply this to our daily lives by taking on one of the most common staples in the Western diet: butter!

Butter itself is not harmful, to be clear. But when you start using coconut oil instead of butter the healthy choice becomes quite evident. 

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil contains a type of medium chain triglyceride or MCT called lauric acid. Lauric acid cooks at a high smoke point, making it a versatile ingredient. That puts coconut oil as a perfect substitute for butter. 

Lauric acid is a unique saturated fat. It has been shown to raise HDL, the so-called “good“ cholesterol. HDL is a lipid-protein complex that carries fat from organs and tissues into the bloodstream. So, when you have an increase in HDL, it means that you are utilizing the fat that would otherwise be stored in your liver and deposited in blood vessels. When you start using coconut oil instead of butter, you’re taking in a heat-resistant, HDL-increasing, and organically sourced fat source.  

Butter, In A Nutshell

Butter, on the other hand, has historically been linked to all sorts of cardiovascular issues regarding dyslipidemia. The body of evidence to support this is staggering. Using coconut oil instead of butter, on the other hand, doesn’t have that kind of negative impact in clinical studies. The issue with butter is that many of the recipes that call for it also call for refined sugars, high sodium, and processed ingredients. 

Using refined sugar instead of natural sweeteners plays a significant role in the release, storage, and processing of cholesterol. Adding butter to the mix, as often done, adds fuel to the engine pushing it towards metabolic syndrome. On the contrary, if coconut oil is used as a substitute for butter, you get a cholesterol-free meal, bypassing the interplay of sugar and cholesterol storage. 

Using Coconut Oil Instead of Butter for Everyday Cooking

Using organic coconut oil in our cooking is fairly new in the world of Western home kitchens. In tropical countries, it’s very common to use coconut oil as a substitute for butter alongside other superfoods like tamarind and lemongrass. When we introduce organic coconut oil to our home cooking, we open the door to so many adventurous and healthy recipes from all around the world. Recipes like:

Organic coconut oil gets us thinking about more colorful recipes, more plant-rich ingredients, and more exotic flavors. Using coconut oil as a substitute for butter doesn’t have to feel forced. Using recipes that call for the smoke point and flavor profile of coconut oil instead of butter expands your range in the kitchen. Explore a little. Push the butter to the side for now.

Choosing Wildly Organic’s Coconut Oil 

Using coconut oil instead of butter is associated with a newfound awareness of how food gets to our table. We use coconut oil as a substitute for butter because we care. We see where the science is going and try to give healthy, whole plant foods that pack just as much deliciousness as butter. 

Wildly Organic would rather not contribute to the factory farming industry. Instead of contributing to a rising problem, we’d rather be part of a brighter solution. If you are conscious about how food choices impact the world at large, or if you just want a tastier option, organic coconut products – especially cold pressed, centrifuged organic coconut oil, is the best substitute for butter.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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