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Easy Meal Plan: 8 Tips to Simplify Your Meal Planning

A blue plate with white text blocks on top reading “Meal Plan”

It’s 5:00 PM and dinnertime stress starts to kick in. Your hungry children run around the kitchen asking what’s for dinner as you rummage through the fridge and pantry cabinets looking for ingredients to put something on the table. Overwhelmed and frustrated, you order Chinese takeout instead and then feel guilty for feeding your family greasy fast food.

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries {Gluten-Free}

baked sweet potato fries arranged in a dish

Baked sweet potato fries are the perfect any time snack or side dish, but we are especially excited about bringing this sweet potato fry recipe out for the summer! Over the years, I've tried countless times to create perfectly baked french fries at home. It took a while to finally nail it! Who knew it would be so hard? Now I'm sharing my tried and true baked sweet potato fry recipe with you!

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Mexican Cauliflower Rice {Gluten-Free}

a bowl of Mexican cauliflower rice on a table with skewers of shrimp in the background

This Mexican Cauliflower Rice is hands down my favorite dish to make because it’s so versatile. I probably make it a few times a month. It’s perfect for burrito bowls! Which is a household staple. Think spring mix topped with beans, protein of choice, avocado, salsa, and Mexican cauliflower rice. This cauliflower rice recipe takes Taco Tuesday to the next level.  Plus, the whole family can personalize their “burrito bowl.”

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Are Nuts Good for Weight Loss?

an image of a variety of nuts including pistachios, cashews, Brazil nuts and pecans

Nuts often get a bad rap for being a fattening food. Nuts are indeed calorie dense and have a high fat content. Many people avoid nuts in their low-fat and calorie diets so they can lose more weight. But this old-fashioned way of thinking and dieting can actually hurt your weight loss goals. Nuts are one of the healthiest foods that can help with your weight loss and management plan.

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Pecan Scones {Gluten-Free}

pecan scones on a tabletop with Wildly Organic packaging in the background

Who doesn’t love scones? I sure do! While everyone was making banana bread in 2020, I was working on my gluten-free scone recipe game. Specifically my gluten-free pecan scones! I found a combo of gluten-free flours works best. I also determined that using gluten-free flour creates nice light and fluffy scone!

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Cacao vs. Cocoa: What is the Difference?

Two open hands holding fermented cacao beans

Walking down the chocolate aisle at the supermarket, you’ve likely noticed cocoa or cacao labeled on different chocolate products. You’ve probably also seen cacao nibs and dark chocolate cocoa chips at a health food store and wondered how they differ. They’re all just chocolate, right? Well, not really. Although they are both derived from the same plant, there are many differences between cacao vs. cocoa products.

Cacao (pronounced ke-kow) and cocoa (pronounced kow-kow) are made using different processes and have distinct nutritional profiles. Many people are familiar with cocoa as it is commonly used in baking desserts and making hot chocolate. Cacao, on the other hand, is a raw chocolate product that is popular with health-conscious, vegan, and whole-food consumers.

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