DIY Organic Trail Mix {3 Unique Options!}

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Creating the perfect trail mix is as much a science as an art. Facing long aisles of various fruit and nut blends at the grocery store can be a little bit daunting, especially considering that many big-brand trail mixes are loaded with unhealthy, sugary ingredients.

As a self-determined trail mix fanatic, I found myself constantly searching for a healthy nut blend that was organic, delicious, and wouldn’t break the bank. Imagine my joy when I encountered Wildly Organic’s activated Superfood Trail Mix! Packed with goji berries, cocoa nibs, and various nuts and seeds, I felt assured that I was getting maximum benefits from this delicious blend.

One of my favorite aspects of snacking on trail mix is that it’s incredibly versatile, offering diverse health benefits depending on the nuts you choose. With that in mind, I decided that perhaps crafting my own recipes for healthy trail mix would be a fun and simple way to enrich my diet and my snack portfolio. Keep reading to find recipes for brain-boosting, energy-lifting, and antioxidant-rich trail mixes as well as information about why these particular nut blends offer those benefits. (Also, here’s a post that explains why Wildly Organic nuts are the highest-quality around!)

DIY Organic Trail Mix
Omega-3 Trail Mix: Omega-3s are fatty acids found in nuts and seeds that are reputed to be important for neurological development, lowering inflammation, and controlling blood fat. As such, many consider omega-3s to be an essential part of any diet but especially important for expecting moms and individuals with asthma or who are at risk of heart disease. Try this recipe for a healthy trail mix rich in omega-3s.

High Energy Trail Mix: In the morning, I have cold brew. In the afternoon, I eat an energy-boosting nut blend combined with colorful dried fruit. This recipe uses walnuts too, as walnuts boast a specific type of omega-3 that your body is known to use for energy. With the addition of coconut flakes and fatigue-battling goji berries, this healthy trail mix recipe sings with tropical flavor while providing a balanced caloric energy boost!

Antioxidant-Rich Trail Mix: You hear so much about antioxidants nowadays and for good reason. They’re known to protect your cells against free radicals generated when your body breaks down food or is exposed to toxins and radiation (like from the Sun). As such, antioxidants are recognized as playing a vital role in protecting against various diseases as well as boasting anti-aging properties. The following recipe relies on a diverse nut blend to maximize antioxidant intake.
    Omega-3 Trail Mix:
    High Energy Trail Mix:
    Antioxidant-Rich Trail Mix:
    Recipe Notes

    Honestly, the options are endless. My healthy trail mix recipes are more suggestions than strict rules, so you can customize your nut blends however you like. Get to your kitchen, and start (nut)crackin’!

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