7 Ways to Use Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup

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Rich. Creamy. Sweet. That’s right. We’re talking about Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup! With only two ingredients, this chocolate syrup packs some serious chocolate punch and it’s completely raw! Made of just raw agave nectar and raw cacao powder, this is a chocolate syrup that you can feel good about eating.

There are so many ways to use Wildly Organic’s Chocolate Syrup that you’ll always want it in your pantry. It stores well at room temperature and does not require refrigeration, even though it contains absolutely NO artificial preservatives or binders. It sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? We promise you it’s not! Naturally sweetened with raw agave, this chocolate syrup has the perfect touch of sweetness to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Thick and rich, this chocolate syrup is so reminiscent of chocolate fudge you may find yourself eating it with a spoon from the jar. However, we have found so many different ways to use Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup, we thought it might be best to share those with you, too.

From topping your ice cream to making hot cocoa, the versatility of Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup may surprise you. Here are 7 Ways to Use Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup!

7 Ways to Use Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup

1. Make the easiest hot cocoa.

You can use Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup to make rich hot cocoa with just 2 ingredients. Warm your choice of milk (non-dairy milk works, too) and stir in a tablespoon or two of chocolate syrup. That’s it! Rich, creamy hot cocoa in just a few minutes! Drizzle more chocolate syrup on top for good measure.

2. Drizzle it in your cup for that barista touch!

You know when you go to coffee shops and order a mocha and they drizzle chocolate on the glasses? You can do that at home with Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup! It’s easiest to add the chocolate syrup to a pastry bag or a sandwich bag with the corner snipped off and drizzle it into your cup. You can also use a spoon to do the job. Fill the glass with our Peppermint Mocha Milkshake for a real food coffee treat.

3. Make a tasty avocado chocolate mousse.

Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup isn’t just for topping, it’s also great for chocolate recipes like our avocado chocolate mousse. It comes together in just about 10 minutes and definitely shows that healthy can be delicious.

4. Use it as a frosting on cakes or cupcakes.

Why make frosting when you can just drizzle cakes and cupcakes with Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup? For an easy sweet chocolate touch, drizzle or dunk cupcakes into this chocolate syrup for a sweet treat.

5. Dip fruit into it!

Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, whatever fruit floats your boat! Dip into our Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup and you have such an easy dessert. Better yet, place the fruit on a skewer and drizzle with chocolate syrup for a simple dessert perfect for entertaining.

6. Use it in s’mores instead of a chocolate bar.

We like using chocolate syrup on our s’mores instead of a chocolate bar. It gets all melty, ooey and gooey which is exactly what s’mores are about! Try it with our easy Chocolate Honey-Sweetened Marshmallows for s’mores without any refined sugars.

7. Top it on your ice cream for an epic ice cream sundae!

What would an ice cream sundae be without chocolate syrup? Top your ice cream with Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup, some chopped Wildly Organic Almonds or Pecans for some extra crunch, and all of your other favorite sundae toppings. You can also make a DIY sundae bar for a fun party idea that everyone will love. Just place all of the toppings in small bowls and let everyone choose their favorites!

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