Creamy 5-Ingredient Coconut Milk Ice Cream {egg-free & dairy-free!}

Scoops of ice cream inside a glass ice cream cup

Perhaps it’s the creamy coldness that just melts in your mouth.

Maybe it’s the comforting feel of fat and sugar hitting the back of your throat.

For whatever reason, there’s just something about ice cream. Ice cream — especially coconut milk ice cream — is the comfort food of choice in our house.

Reading the list of ingredients on your average supermarket ice cream should give you pause. There can be up to 32 grams of sugar in a single serving! Yes, ice cream is supposed to be sweet but eating excessive amounts of sugar can cause many health problems. We use natural sweeteners in our homemade coconut ice cream recipe to make a healthier dessert.

Do you need another reason to avoid store-bought ice cream and embrace our healthy vegan coconut ice cream instead? OK, here it is. The ice cream industry has a dirty little secret.

It’s true. The secret is that if EVERYONE who manufactures ice cream puts this ingredient in their recipes, they do not have to reveal it.

What is that ingredient, you ask? When you find out, you will toss the ice cream in your freezer and start making our coconut milk ice cream instead!

What Does Your Radiator Have In Common With Your Ice Cream?

Propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol keeps the ice cream from freezing rock hard by absorbing the water molecules that would form ice crystals in your freezer. Propylene glycol makes ice cream scoop-able straight from the freezer. Propylene glycol is also the same ingredient used in radiator fluid. Now, the FDA has decided that a small amount of this ingredient is safe for human consumption.

How much is a “small amount?” One serving a week? Two? What if you eat two or more servings daily? (Because ice cream isn’t the only food containing propylene glycol.)

At what point does this “generally recognized as safe” ingredient become toxic?

Creamy Five Ingredient Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Scoops of ice cream topped with blueberries inside a blue ceramic bowl

The good news is that you CAN have creamy ice cream without this chemical. Without dairy, eggs, or highly processed sugar, too!

And it is this delicious homemade coconut ice cream!

You don’t even need a can of coconut milk to make this vegan coconut ice cream. Wildly Organic Coconut Milk Powder is ready to mix with water for a rich, thick, dairy-free coconut milk that doesn’t come from a can!

Now that the weather is warming up, dust off your ice cream makers and try this creamy coconut milk ice cream, that requires just five ingredients.

Did you know about propylene glycol in most store-bought ice cream? Will you try this healthier coconut milk ice cream instead?

You don't even need a can of coconut milk for this recipe. Wildly Organic's Organic Coconut Milk Powder is ready to mix with water for a thick and rich, dairy-free coconut milk that doesn't come from a can!



  1. Mix the hot water and the coconut milk powder in a blender on medium-high speed; blend until well mixed
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and blend for 20 seconds
  3. Place the coconut milk ice cream mixture in the fridge to chill for two hours
  4. Prepare your ice cream maker
  5. Turn the ice cream maker on and pour the ice cream mixture into the ice cream maker
  6. Churn according to the manufacturer's instructions
  7. To harden the homemade coconut ice cream more, place in a freezer-safe container; cover with wax paper to keep as much air out as possible
  8. Freeze the vegan coconut ice cream for one hour
  9. Garnish with Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup, if desired, and using a warm spoon or ice cream scoop, serve, and enjoy!

Shop Coconut Milk Ice Cream Ingredients From Wildly Organic

Once you try our healthy and delicious homemade ice cream, you will never go back to those sugar-packed, chemical-laden store-bought frozen desserts. Our vegan-friendly, homemade ice cream is the perfect guilt-free solution to satisfy your sweet cravings. Don’t forget your toppings — Wildly Organic Chocolate Syrup, organic walnuts, or organic fruit

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