Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa

Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa

Baby, it’s cold outside. Very cold. So cold you can actually feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Winter has settled in, and it’s time for all things hot to sip. We love to drink hot herbal tea by the gallon — yet we indulge in hot cocoa regularly, too.

Hot cocoa is the perfect “warm you up” drink. You come inside from shoveling, playing in the snow, sledding, or just making a trip to the store, and its sweet warmth takes away the bone-chilling cold.

A Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa Solution

Hot cocoa has its downsides, too — the sugar, fillers, and unpronounceable ingredients in commercial mixes. Commercial hot cocoa mixes often contain dairy as well. This vegan hot chocolate recipe is homemade, natural and healthy!

My youngest son currently can’t have dairy. My husband needs to watch his sugar intake. What’s a mom to do???

In addition to being dairy-free and sugar-free, this hot cocoa is also paleo, vegan, and soooo good! It’s made with natural ingredients like coconut milk, cacao powder, and a natural sugar alternative (called Coco Monkey) and viola - lo and behold - the best ever vegan hot chocolate recipe!

What my kids like best is drinking this by the batch-full. What I like is that it’s not loaded with sugar, artificial ingredients, or fillers.

THIS dairy-free hot chocolate drink which comes with an easy-to-follow, sugar-free hot chocolate recipe is a perfect fit for us. Now, everyone in the family is “part of the group,” and we can all enjoy hot cocoa together!

Add in some homemade marshmallows, almond cookies, or even a banana with almond butter, and you have the perfect comfort food snack for a cold, wintry day! This hot chocolate is excellent anytime, from morning until night.

It just takes a few ingredients and a couple of minutes on the stovetop to get a steamy, hot chocolate-y treat! Need something even faster? Try our organic, vegan hot chocolate mix instead!

Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe
Servings2 to 3 large mugs
  1. Add all ingredients to a heavy-bottomed skillet.
  2. Whisk while heating, stirring constantly.
  3. Heat until just hot, not boiling.
  4. Serve this vegan hot chocolate recipe immediately. Add a dollop of coconut whipped cream, if desired.

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