DIY Cacao Butter Lip Balm {Silky Smooth and Moisturizing!}

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A little goes a long way with this ultra-hydrating, chocolate-scented lip balm! This easy recipe combines cacao butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and honey for chocolate-y, moisturizing, kissable goodness. Try making this easy DIY Cacao Butter Lip Balm for a toxin-free treat for your lips today!

Cacao Butter Benefits

The main ingredient in this recipe is cacao butter, which is great to use in so many different recipes. It’s fantastic for making chocolate, cookies, and other melt-in-your-mouth treats. Did you know it’s also great for your skin? It’s true! Cacao butter melts at skin temperature, making it the ingredient of choice for many skincare products, including scrubs, lotions, and soaps. 

Cacao butter is perfect for making lip balm because the fatty acids in cacao butter work to nourish and hydrate your lips. Cacao butter also has phytochemicals, which protect your lips from sun damage. Put some on before going out into the sun and enjoy smooth, soft lips while you’re out and about! (source)

The polyphenols in cacao butter also serve as an anti-aging mechanism. Regular use of cacao butter can actually slow the effects that aging has on your skin! Overall, studies have only just begun looking into the amazing benefits that cacao butter has for your skin, and it looks promising, but more studies need to be done. (source)

The other ingredients in this DIY lip balm recipe are just as beneficial. Coconut oil smooths and conditions your lips, beeswax covers and protects them, and honey moisturizes and heals!

The Problems with Conventional Lip Balm

These four simple ingredients are a far cry from the long list of toxic ingredients you’ll find in most store-bought lip balms. Many conventional companies choose ingredients that are cheap and easy to get in order to maximize profits. And when making a cheap product for your lips, they might even include ingredients that seem to hydrate your lips, but can actually make your lips dry out and peel more in the long run, meaning you’ll need more of their lip balm! 

The toxic ingredients to look for in lip balms include petrolatum (a petroleum byproduct with risks for organ toxicity), parabens (or any ingredients that have the word “paraben” in them, which is a known endocrine disruptor), and fragrance or ‘perfume’ (which could be a cocktail of hundreds of unknown chemicals including hormone disruptors and carcinogens).  (source)

Keep an eye out for these ingredients in all of your favorite store-bought skincare products, and try to avoid them! With all the dangerous ingredients out there, even in products that are labeled as “all-natural”, it’s almost easier just to do it yourself and make your own skincare items that you know you can trust! 

Thankfully, this moisturizing balm is completely edible and kid-friendly. There is no need to worry about any fillers, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or toxins!

How to Make DIY Cacao Butter Lip Balm

What You’ll Need

  • A jar or double boiler
  • Approximately 4 lip balm tubes or two lip balm tins
  • A wooden skewer (optional)


To measure out the cacao butter, carefully shave off some with a knife (the block will start melting slightly as you’re holding it) and gently press the shavings into your measuring spoons. 

Combine all ingredients in a small jar.  Put the mixture in the oven at 200° F (you can also make your lip balm on the stove in a double boiler).

Heat until beeswax is completely melted (about 10 minutes), swirling gently or stirring regularly (I used a wooden skewer to stir it).

Remove from heat and carefully pour into your lip balm tubes or tins. 

Allow the balm to cool at room temperature or in the fridge until completely solid. Store in a cool place.  The lip balm might start to soften in your pocket or in direct sunlight.


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Will you make this moisturizing DIY Cacao Butter Lip Balm at home?

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