Superfood White Chocolate Bark {low-carb, paleo, & vegan}

Superfood White Chocolate Bark {low-carb, paleo, & vegan}


Did you know that white chocolate isn’t technically chocolate?

It’s true… Because it doesn’t contain chocolate solids or cacao powder, white chocolate can’t officially be classified as “chocolate”.

Yet, it has that creamy, chocolatey texture because of the extracted fat from cacao beans — aka cacao butter! It’s this luxurious cacao butter that gives chocolate (both white and dark) the quintessential smell we all love.

It’s often reported that dark chocolate has antioxidant properties but not much is said of white chocolate. When made at home with clean ingredients, white chocolate can have numerous benefits!

Superfood White Chocolate Bark

Using Wildly Organic Coco Monkey as the sweetener makes this chocolate treat a low-carb option.  Just be sure to combine the sweetener, cacao butter, and milk solids well with an immersion blender.

Additionally, adding antioxidant-rich toppings such as Wildly Organic Goji Berries and soaked seeds transforms this white chocolate bark from plain to superfood status rather quickly.

Wildly Organic soaks and dehydrates our raw nuts and seeds to reduce irritating phytic acid and increases nutrient absorption. (Learn more about soaking nuts and seeds!)

Likewise, Wildly Organic Fermented Cacao Nibs are a great source of flavonoids and polyphenols. Raw and fermented cacao nibs are minimally processed and contain no added sugars. They are often used in place of chocolate chips in some recipes and make a great topping for smoothies…

Or, Superfood White Chocolate Bark. Don’t skimp on these crunchy nuggets, as they add delicious flavor and texture.

Finally, goji berries add an anti-oxidant boost. Goji berries are naturally rich in Vitamins A and C and iron.  They are neither tart nor sweet but added to this bark, they are absolutely delicious. These ruby berries also add a charming contrast to the green pepitas and white chocolate.

Truly, a perfect treat for the holiday season!

What superfoods would you add to this Superfood White Chocolate Bark?

Superfood White Chocolate Bark
This Superfood White Chocolate Bark is full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals -- thanks to toppings such as soaked pepitas, goji berries, and fermented cacao nibs. Because it's sugar-free, it's a low-carb option, too!
    Servings9-12 people
    Prep Time15 minutes
    Cook Time5
    Passive Time2 hours
    1. Using an immersion blender, blend melted cocoa butter, milk powder, sweetener, vanilla and salt well. Alternatively, a regular stand-up blender may be used.
    2. Pour into a 8" x 8" dish lined with parchment paper.
    3. Sprinkle pepitas, sunflower seeds, goji berries and cacao nibs evenly across the surface. Sprinkle hemp hearts last.
    4. Place in the refrigerator to set for 2-4 hours.
    5. Break the bark into random pieces and store at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.

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