DIY MCT Oil Hair Mask {for all hair types!}

A photo of a bottle of Wildly Organic MCT Oil with a brush to make a MCT oil hair mask.


Coconut oil is amazing! Everywhere I look, there’s a new use for it. MCT oil that comes from coconut oil is no different. It’s good for energy, gut health, weight loss, and it’s even great for your skin and hair.

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil is a deeply conditioning, moisturizing oil that makes a fantastic treatment for all hair types. I like using MCT oil for a hair mask because it’s lightweight and stays liquid, which means it won’t clog your drains like regular coconut oil might. Wildly Organic MCT oil is made from 100% organic coconuts and does not contain palm oil. It’s wonderful to put in smoothies, coffee, low-heat cooking… and now hair masks!

How to Make a DIY MCT Oil Hair Mask for Every Hair Type

For the base recipe of your MCT oil hair mask, put two tablespoons of Wildly Organic MCT oil in a small bowl. Depending on how dry your hair is, apply the oil either to just the ends of your hair or to your whole head, working it completely through your hair with your fingers. Add more MCT oil for your hair if needed, especially if you have thick hair.

Next, let the oil sit on your hair for at least half an hour—you might want to wrap it up in an old t-shirt on top of your head to keep it out of your way—then just rinse and shampoo like normal.

If you’re feeling creative, there are some other ingredients you can add to your hair mask for an even more nourishing treatment.

MCT Oil For Dry Ends

Try adding one tablespoon of Wildly Organic olive oil to your MCT oil. Honey also works, but the stickiness can be frustrating. These ingredients are humectants, meaning they draw in moisture and seal it in to help with dry ends. If your hair is dry or brittle, or if you have lots of split ends, you should also try to cut back on using any heat from hair dryers or curlers on your hair.

MCT Oil For Clean, Smooth Hair

Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to the MCT oil before applying. This will help condition your hair and smooth the hair follicles. You can also add the apple cider vinegar to one cup of water and pour it over your head during your shower, then rinse. This can take the place of conditioning if you wish. Just make sure not to get any vinegar in your eyes!

MCT Oil For Frizzy Hair

To smooth frizzy hair, try blending your MCT oil with half a mashed avocado or one tablespoon of honey. If you have frizzy hair that’s very thin, make sure the products you’re adding to your hair aren’t too heavy and try not to brush it too roughly, which can cause more breakage and frizz.

MCT Oil For Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, try using a combination of MCT oil, one tablespoon of honey, and an egg. You might need to add some MCT oil or even use two eggs if you have thick curly hair. The egg might feel slightly odd in your hair at first, but we promise it washes out just fine!

MCT Oil For Shiny Hair

If you want smooth, shiny hair, you might actually want to try using mayonnaise! Mix two tablespoons with the MCT oil and apply all over your head. You can also use two tablespoons of full-fat coconut milk for shiny hair instead.

MCT Oil For Hair that Needs Protein

You can tell that your hair might need more protein if it seems like it gets tangled or frizzy easily, or if you notice more breakage. Flat, limp, or color-treated hair can also be a sign that your locks want protein. MCT oil used for hair growth can help to restore the body and bounce to your tresses. Use a protein-rich treatment about once a week to nourish your hair.

For a protein mask, use one beaten egg or one tablespoon of greek yogurt. Both will give your hair much-needed vitamins along with protein.

Even though some of these food ingredients might seem odd to put in your hair at first, try it out and see how your hair likes it. As you can see, MCT oil and other ingredients (including eggs and mayo) don’t just belong in the kitchen… they belong in your hair!

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