DIY Refreshing Mint Foot Butter

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We love to use lotions and body butter on our skin. But how often do we focus solely on our feet? We stand on our feet all day long and depend on them to get us from place to place. It’s about time we put our feet up and give them some pampering treatment! Wildly Organic provides this coconut peppermint body butter recipe to moisturize and invigorate your feet.

Our DIY foot balm contains cacao butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and peppermint essential oil to soothe and refresh your tootsies. The benefits of cacao butter, mango butter, and coconut oil for feet include reducing dryness and conditioning chapped skin. The peppermint essential oil in the balm will help refresh your tired feet. Make this all-natural foot balm at home to soothe, soften, and help your feet look their best just in time for sandal season … or all year long!

DIY Coconut Peppermint Foot Butter Ingredients

Want to learn how to make peppermint body butter at home? Wildly Organic’s peppermint and coconut oil balm for feet is made with just five ingredients that are full of great benefits! Learn how each ingredient in our foot and body butter benefit your skin:

Coconut Oil

There are so many ways to use coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used in food, home remedies, and hair and skincare treatments. You can also use coconut oil for foot treatments to heal dry, peeling skin. The oil is solid at room temperature but quickly melts on the skin, making it the perfect ingredient in foot butter products.

Wildly Organic makes two virgin coconut oils that are great to use in this foot butter recipe: Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil and Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil. Both virgin coconut oils are extracted from fresh, dehydrated coconut and are never heated during the process. The main difference between the two is the flavor. The cold-pressed oil has a stronger coconut flavor.

Since we won’t be eating this coconut and mint foot balm, you can use any of these two coconut oils for your feet. I do encourage you, though, to try out some of our delicious treats made with coconut oil, too!

Cacao Butter

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Cacao butter makes for some delicious white hot chocolate, but it’s also great for the skin! The nourishing butter is as good as coconut oil for feet that are chapped and dry. Cacao butter is high in oleic acid, which keeps the skin on your feet soft and supple. Use high-quality cacao butter ⏤ such as Wildly Organic’s Cacao Butter ⏤ which is unrefined and smells so much like chocolate.

Cacao butter nourishes your skin and smells amazing. How to make peppermint body butter with cacao? Cacao butter is solidified in oval molds. You can easily chip off as much cacao butter as you need for this coconut peppermint foot balm recipe.


Peppermint Essential Oil

Do you want to know how to make peppermint body butter? You guessed it … you need peppermint essential oil! Peppermint essential oil will give this foot and body butter a cooling, refreshing sensation. When the weather gets warm, peppermint is the ingredient you need to cool off and revitalize your feet. Using peppermint along with coconut oil for feet treatments can relieve inflammation and minimizes the appearance of unsightly veins.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Our coconut and peppermint foot butter recipe also contains tea tree essential oil. Tea tree essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and supports healthy skin. This oil has many uses in skin treatments and can help relieve itching and irritation, promote wound healing, and remedy bacterial infections.

Used along with coconut oil for feet treatments, tea tree oil can help alleviate the symptoms of an athlete’s foot. Because it’s so popular in many home remedies, tea tree is one of the most commonly adulterated essential oils. Be sure to buy tea tree oil from a reputable brand or company that has GCMS test reports available. Avoid purchasing tea tree oil from drugstores or big box stores.

How to Use our Coconut Peppermint Foot and Body Butter

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Are your feet in need of some extra TLC? Then be sure to use an exfoliating scrub before topping off your pamper session with some refreshing foot butter. Body scrubs get rid of dead cell buildup so the nourishing coconut oil for feet can better absorb and moisturize your skin. Before you learn how to make peppermint body butter, you should use these easy DIY scrubs to help the foot balm work better:

Keep in mind, since this foot balm is made with heavier butter and not a lightweight lotion, it will take longer for the skin to absorb it. Just be careful not to slip before the butter has completely soaked into the soles of your feet!

Will you pamper your feet with some DIY coconut peppermint body butter this weekend? Here’s how to make coconut peppermint body butter at home:

DIY Coconut Peppermint Foot Butter

Quantity: 6 ounces
Prep time: 7 minutes
Cook time: 7 minutes
Passive time: 1 hour



  1. In a heat-safe glass bowl, add the mango butter, cacao butter, and coconut oil.
  2. Perch the glass bowl on top of a pot filled halfway with water (or double boiler) and heat over medium-high heat until completely melted.
  3. When the butter mixture has melted, whisk in the essential oils and arrowroot powder.
  4. Place the coconut oil balm for feet mixture in the fridge to cool (mine took about an hour to get solid enough).
  5. Once the foot balm mixture has thickened (not solid) and appears creamy-white, it’s ready to whip.
  6. Use an electric mixer to whip the butter until it resembles whipped cream.
  7. If the foot balm mixture is too soft and won’t whip then put it back in the fridge for a little longer. If it’s too hard and feels rock-solid, allow it to soften at room temperature for a bit, then try whipping again.

Shop Foot Butter Ingredients From Wildly Organic

The feet withstand a tremendous amount of pressure to provide support and stability to your body. Pressure from body weight, incorrect footwear, and dry skin can cause cracked heels and chapped feet. Now that you know how to make peppermint body butter, you should use it to pamper your feet every once in a while to keep them in tip-top condition.

Wildly Organics has a wide selection of foot balm ingredients to keep your tootsies healthy and pretty. From raw cacao butter to centrifuge-extracted and cold-pressed coconut oil, we offer the finest ingredients you need to make this peppermint coconut oil balm for your feet. Shop now for foot butter ingredients and get free US shipping on orders over $49.

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