DIY Natural Foundation Powder & Bronzer

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My daughter can spend hours “getting ready” for an evening out. From concealer to the foundation, to layering on powders and highlighters, her bathroom is a plethora of tubes, bottles, brushes, and compacts.

I understand makeup’s appeal, however, I like a more natural look. Light powder, some lip gloss, and a swipe of mascara are more my style. After all, the chickens hardly care about what I look like, as long as they are fed.

A Makeover For My Makeup

Not so long ago, I purchased my makeup essentials at the local drugstore. I never gave much thought to what might actually be in the makeup. Honestly, I never read the ingredient lists.

But then we embarked on our Real Food journey. When you have to get rid of all the gluten, sugar, and highly processed ingredients in food, you become a master at reading ingredient lists.

Naturally, I began noticing the ingredients in EVERYTHING, including the drugstore makeup I’d been buying. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and whatever goes on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within seconds.

In fact, here’s what was on the label of just one of the products I’d been using on my face:


Obviously, my makeup routine needed a makeover.

DIY Makeup

My first move was to investigate natural makeup. I looked for natural, organic, and quality ingredients — you know, things I could actually read and understand.

And I plunked down the cash for those products, too — to the tune of $50 for .28 grams of organic makeup. Ouch.

As you can imagine, that wasn’t going to be sustainable in the long-term.

I like wearing some makeup and didn’t want to do without it, but the pricey stuff wasn’t going to work for my budget. So what to do?

The answer was DIY makeup!

I spent nearly 3 weeks trying different recipes — and finally found “the one” for my medium-fair skin tone. All of the ingredients in this DIY foundation powder can be found at Wildly Organic and any local grocery store. No searching for special ingredients… easy to find and easy on the budget? I’m in!

Plus, this recipe works as a foundation powder or bronzer, depending on your preference.

Want more bronzing action? Add a bit more cacao powder.

DIY Foundation Powder & Bronzer

Just 3 inexpensive and readily available ingredients: Wildly Organic Cacao Powder, Wildly Organic Coconut Flour, and organic cornstarch (or arrowroot powder, if you’re corn-free).

Cacao powder gives this DIY foundation powder/bronzer a soft, subtle warming tone. Use less for lighter skin tones; use more for darker skin tones or bronzing.

Coconut flour helps disperse the cacao powder more evenly and lightens the cacao to match lighter skin tones. Again, use more if you need a lighter foundation; use less if you need a darker foundation.

The cornstarch (or arrowroot powder if you’re corn-free) not only helps “extend” the other ingredients, it has the added benefit of absorbing excess oil that makes the face shiny.

To use this DIY foundation powder/bronzer, simply dip a clean makeup brush in the powder. Gently tap the brush on the side to remove the excess and gently swipe over the cheekbones, nose, and forehead areas. A little goes a long way with this, so be sure to tap the brush often. This recipe has NO preservatives, so either use it up or toss it out and make a fresh batch after 10 to 14 days. This will keep the bacteria from building up and possibly contaminating your skin.

What do you use for makeup? Have you ever made your own?

DIY Natural Foundation Powder & Bronzer
Just 3 inexpensive and readily available ingredients make this DIY Foundation Powder and Bronzer!
    1. Mix all the ingredients together in a small container that has a tight-fitting lid.
    2. Using a fork, carefully mix until well blended.
    3. Label with ingredients and date made. The shelf life on this is approximately 2 weeks.
    Recipe Notes

    If you need to avoid cornstarch, you can easily substitute an equal amount of arrowroot powder for the same effect.

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