DIY Relaxing Herbal Bath Salts

DIY Relaxing Herbal Bath Salts | Adding herbal salts to exfoliate and soothe your skin makes a hot bath even better. And we all have that someone on our list who's hard to buy for... so give them the gift of natural relaxation this year with some DIY bath salts! | WildernessFamilyNaturals.com

During a busy week, there's nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot bath. Adding herbal salts to exfoliate and soothe your skin makes a hot bath even better. And we all have that someone on our list who's hard to buy for... so give them the gift of natural relaxation this year with some homemade herbal bath salts!

Bath Salts & Skin-Nourishing Oils

To make the best herbal bath salts, you need to start with great ingredients -- like WFN's unscented bath salts. Then, you choose a moisturizing oil. Grab some unscented bath salts here. Jojoba oil -- For a luxurious feeling, try jojoba oil. Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory qualities, making it a great addition for a soothing bath for eczema or even sunburns. Almond oil -- Try almond oil for a spa-like feel. Almond oil is well known for its skin-refreshing properties. It leaves your skin baby soft after use. Coconut oil -- Coconut oil also has some excellent skin-soothing properties. If you use WFN's centrifuge-extracted coconut oil, you will enjoy the faint scent of coconut in your bath salts. Olive oil -- Olive oil is a more budget-friendly choice, yet still just as moisturizing.

Relaxing Herbs

Next, choose dried herbs. It's important to use only dried herbs, not fresh, in this preparation, as any water can cause the bath salts to spoil faster. My favorite herbs for bath salts are lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus. Lavender -- The earthy scent of WFN's dried lavender calms and soothes frayed nerves. Chamomile -- I love chamomile so much for it's relaxing properties. (It is heavenly in this hard lotion bar!). Eucalyptus -- The scent of eucalyptus is great for colds and congestion. It releases its scent slowly into a hot bath and can really open things up when you're stuffy. *All 3 dried herbs are considered safe for use with children over the age of 2 as well.

Let's Make Relaxing Herbal Bath Salts!

The basic formula is: Place dried herb of choice in an oven safe bowl. Cover with 1 cup of your choice of oil, as listed above. Place in a 200-degree oven for 2 hours to allow the oil to be infused. After 2 hours, remove from the oven and allow the oil to cool. Strain the plant matter from the oil and toss it in the garbage. You are now left with herb-infused oil. To make your relaxing herbal bath salts, simply combine the infused oil with 8 ounces of unscented bath salts and mix well. Place in an airtight, covered container and label with the ingredients and date made. This is especially important if you plan to give herbal bath salts as gifts. To use: add 1/4 cup to running warm bath water and allow to dissolve. Soak and breathe in the calming scent of herbs as you wash the day's stresses away. These bath salts contain oil which may cause the tub or your feet to be slippery. Use extreme caution when getting out of your bath, please.

Have you ever made relaxing herbal bath salts? Will you be gifting these to anyone this year?

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