Why Are Activated Almonds Better?

Activated almonds

The almond is one of nature’s little wonders. Technically the “seed” of a tree, it’s filled with nutritious goodness and considered a superfood even. An ounce of almonds contains 180 calories, six grams of protein, 14 grams of heart-friendly fat and as much calcium as a ¼ cup of milk. Almonds help lower LDL or bad cholesterol in the body and are packed with magnesium, potassium and vitamin E. They help nutrients and oxygen move freely within the blood and are generally good for the heart.  

They’re also a very versatile snacking and cooking ingredient. You can have them raw, toasted, pureed into almond butter, chopped and mixed into cereals, salads, entrées,...the list goes on. The advice is to consume “activated” or soaked almonds. While this isn’t an entirely new concept, its benefits are just now being popularly recognized. 

Activating an almond or any nut is essentially soaking it in water for a period of time and then dehydrating it at low temperatures to ensure it retains its natural goodness. This simple process unlocks the nutritional potential of the nut and delivers a number of benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Activated Almonds?

Better Nutritional Absorption 

Raw almonds naturally contain something called phytic acid to help protect them against damage while they’re still on the tree. However, once the nut’s mature, the phytic acid binds to other plant minerals and becomes a phytate. This inhibits your body’s ability to fully absorb all those nutrients. Activation — soaking and drying — assists the nut’s natural germination process, also called “sprouting.” This breaks down the phytate enzymes present in the now activated almond, which delivers greater nutritional value when consumed.

Helps Digestion

The enzyme inhibitors in the raw nuts also make them hard to digest. Eating raw almonds in bulk can pressure your digestive tract and cause uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, nausea and heaviness. Soaked almonds are much easier for your body to process.

They Taste Better

Activated almonds, having gone through the whole soaking and dehydration process are usually crispier and crunchier to eat. Soaking also dissolves the toxic tannins on the almond skins, which often carry a bitter flavor. This leaves the almond light and naturally sweet.

They Last Longer

Almonds typically contain between 4–8% moisture. At Wildly Organic, our dehydration process leaves them with 1–2% moisture. This gives them a longer shelf-life, while preserving the nut’s natural nutrition.

Our own USDA-certified organic activated almonds undergo several rounds of soaking, rinsing, and drying to deliver incredibly nutritious almonds that are still raw and give you a satisfying crunch when you bite into them. Really love your almonds 一 soaked or otherwise? Feel free to look through some of our other almond offerings, including our Almond Flour and Organic Almond Butter. Want to work them into your own cooking? We’ve got you covered with a whole list of almond recipes you can go nuts on (no pun intended). Sign up for our email list to receive 10% off on your first purchase! Got questions? We’d love to answer them. Reach out to us anytime.

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