DIY Balm with Coconut Oil for Dogs Paws

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There’s no telling what your dogs’ feet are exposed to as they’re trudging over various surfaces all day. Concrete, soil, dirt, rocks, sludge, waste...sure. But also chemicals, contaminants, and allergens that are maybe not as evident to the naked eye. Now our pets’ paws are tough, built to sustain them through all manner of environments. But sometimes, even they need some looking after. Rough surfaces and substances can cause their paws to dry up and crack, maybe even bleed. If left unattended, it’s not only uncomfortable for your pal but can lead to infections. 

The colder months, in particular, can be especially demanding on your pup’s paws, just as they can on our own hands and skin. This is why it’s important to soothe and care for their paws from time to time with a salve for your dog’s paws, ideally including coconut oil or a similarly nourishing and protective ingredient. The oil coats your dog’s paws, locking in moisture and shielding them against the sludge on the street and the dryness in the air. You can easily wipe it off once you’re back home. These balms are readily available to buy. However, if you’re concerned about the chemicals used in their making and prefer an all-natural solution instead, you can easily make the balm at home by yourself. The ingredients you need are often found in your kitchen or easy to order online to save you a trip to the store. In many cases, it can even turn out to be cheaper than the readymade products in pet stores. 

Why Use Coconut Oil for Your Dog’s Paws?

Coconut oil is made from the white meat of coconuts. There are different types of coconut oil, depending on the method of extraction. It’s an incredibly versatile ingredient to have in your house, and not just for all the delicious dishes you can cook with it. You can incorporate it into your beauty regimen for your skin and hair, your health routine, and even use it for home improvement!   

There are a number of advantages to using coconut oil for a dog paw salve:

1. Nourishes Dry Paws

Not only does the oil create a protective barrier for the paws against environmental factors, but it also moisturizes them, preventing itchy and flaky skin.

2. Accelerates Healing

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It helps prevent infection on an open wound. It’s also packed with minerals and vitamins that are great for the skin and help speed up healing.

3. Safe to Lick

If your pet’s a particularly fidgety one — and what pet isn’t with goop or bandages covering their body — a natural salve for dog paw made with coconut oil is a perfect choice. This way, even if they happen to lick it off, it won’t do any harm. Coconut oil is great for digestion, as a matter of fact!

Recipe: DIY Dog Paw Balm with Coconut Oil

This is a super easy recipe for a dog paw balm that uses ingredients that you’re likely to already find in your kitchen!

Prep time: 5-10 minutes

Set time: 4 hours.



  1. Combine all the ingredients into a jar or container that can withstand heat.
  2. Heat for 30 seconds and stir the mixture with a spoon. Repeat as often as necessary to melt and combine all the ingredients.
  3. If the container you used isn’t how you want to store your salve, transfer it now. Let the mixture cool and harden under an open lid before applying.

You can store this mixture in smaller jars for convenience. When first trying out this mixture, be sure to test it on a small patch of skin on your dog’s paws instead of the whole paw. If they take to it, you can proceed to use it as and when necessary.

The best thing about using coconut oil for your dog’s paws is that it carries so many benefits for your pet in general. It even makes for some delicious and healthy dog treats.

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