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Everyone has to start their journey somewhere. Our goal at Wildly Organic is to enhance the lives of health-minded folks from all walks of life. Improving your diet can be a daunting process, but our natural-minded blog makes it easier for you. You’ll find that many of our recipes are surprisingly beginner-friendly, even though the results would make any chef smile.

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20 Real Food Holiday Recipes

A photo of cranberry walnut bread and milk and cookie cups made from real food ingredients.

The holidays are upon us and that can only mean one thing... lots of food! Whether you're going to holiday parties or hosting the family at your house, you'll need some stellar recipes to feed a crowd. Don't worry, these 20 Real Food Holiday Recipes are sure to impress your guests!

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What You Need To Know About Cooking Oil Smoke Points

What You Need To Know About Cooking Oil Smoke Points

Did you know that oils have different smoke points? It's important to consider what oil is best to use when you're cooking depending on the type of cooking you'll be doing (i.e. baking, frying, roasting, etc.) and the flavor you want to impart on your food. Learn the smoke points of oils and how to use different oils in your cooking with these easy tips!

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Sheet Pan Lemon Poppy Seed Chicken {gluten free, dairy free}

Photo of chicken breast and brussels sprouts on a plate.

This sheet pan lemon poppy seed chicken dinner comes together quickly (one bowl and one pan) and saves you a big mess and gives you more time to spend with your family. It’s a great balance of filling protein and healthy carbohydrates and thanks to the dressing, your taste buds will love it. Whip it up on a busy weeknight and rest assured that your family will be fueled and ready to go post dinner. Plus, there won’t be a sink full of dirty prep dishes!

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Fat-Burning Antioxidant Berry Smoothie {Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy, Vegan}

Photo of a dark berry colored smoothie in a milk bottle. Blueberries are around it.

Try this fat-burning antioxidant berry smoothie is perfect for breakfast, or anytime your metabolism needs a reset. It's easy to make and is packed with nutrition. Full of ingredients like green tea, spinach, berries, coconut oil and chia seeds, you'll love this delicious drink recipe that is good for you, too!

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