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How To Make Cold Process Soap

How To Make Cold Process Soap

If you really want to show your DIY prowess, learn how to make cold process soap! Learning how to make cold process soap may seem intimidating, yet once you get it, it's a fairly simple process. You can use herbs, essential oils, or foods to color and add fragrance to your homemade soap.

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DIY Wax Melts

Photo of a bowl of wax melts and a wax warmer

Love burning candles in your house, but don't want to deal with the flame? Try these easy DIY Wax Melts made will all-natural ingredients. Beeswax and Wildly Organic coconut oil are the base of these simple wax melts scented with pure essential oils. Don't buy prepackaged wax melts from the store that releases harmful toxins into the air, makes all-natural ones, instead!

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Relaxing Herbal DIY Bath Salts

DIY relaxing herbal bath salt recipe

Nothing is more relaxing than soaking in a hot bath after a long and busy week. Adding herbal bath salts to the water makes the experience even better. There are several bath salt recipes you can try. However, the one we will give you today is one of the most relaxing recipes!

These DIY bath salts are a fun project you can make with friends and family. Not only can they help you relax, but they can also help exfoliate and soothe your skin. They are also an excellent gift when you have difficulty shopping for your special loved ones. So get to work and give them the gift of natural relaxation this year with some herbal homemade bath salts!

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How To Sprout Radish Seeds

My mother called them mermaid's hair… and we never had a shortage of mermaid's hair in the fridge growing up. My mom fed me sprouts (specifically alfalfa sprouts) all the time. If I wanted a salad, a sandwich, or something crunchy and yummy to eat, I always went for the sprouts. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I found out I could sprout more than just alfalfa: broccoli, radish, mung beans, clover, lentils, and more.

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Herbal Gardener’s Salve With Calendula & Meadowsweet

Herbal Gardener’s Salve With Calendula & Meadowsweet

Nourish the skin with this herbal gardener's salve for hardworking hands. With healing herbs like calendula and meadowsweet, this herbal salve whips up in a hurry to repair, soothe, and smooth the skin.

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Aromatherapy Candles - How to Make Candles with Essential Oils

Aromatherapy candle with essential oils

Essential oils can be wonderful to have around you during the day, adding freshness to the air or offsetting a hectic period. However, a good diffuser is expensive, and let’s face it…your children are likely to break them.

Making your own aromatherapy candles with essential oils is the perfect way to distribute the scent without worrying about the plug-in breaking or diffuser being knocked over and the precious oils spilling out (it’s worth remembering just how much essential oils for candles cost).

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