Carrot Cake Pancakes {Gluten-Free}

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Did someone say carrot cake for breakfast? Yes, yes I did. Now you can have your favorite spring cake for breakfast, guilt-free! You  and your whole family can thank me later. This is the perfect gluten-free pancake recipe for Easter, Mother’s Day, or just good ol’ Sunday Brunch. 

Stock up on Wildly Organic staples for this recipe:

  • Almond Flour — Almond flour is a popular and delicious alternative to wheat flour due to its subtly sweet taste, high nutrition content, and low-carb attributes. It’s our baking favorite!
  • Organic Coconut Syrup — Coconut nectar is great for topping baked desserts, ice cream, pancakes, oatmeal, and all kinds of sweet or savory foods. This is a wonderful sweetener to use in place of honey, maple syrup, or molasses.
  • Coconut Sugar  — A light brown all-natural sweetener that tastes a bit like classic brown sugar. We love using it as a replacement for white, refined sugar, brown sugar, and muscovado sugar in their recipes. 
  • Organic Coconut Chips — These crunch chips are the size of potato peelings and can easily be added to trail mix, granola, and many other foods.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt  — Pure, hand-mined salt found naturally occurring deep inside the pristine Himalayan Mountains of northern Pakistan. We love using this beautiful salt for all purposes. 
  • Organic Texas Pecans —  Incredibly delicious and certified organic. These premium raw pecans are full halves, not broken into pieces. They are tender and crispy, a delight to snack on and to use in your desserts and dressings!

Stack them high and pour over Wildly Organic Coconut Syrup, top with extra coconut chips or pecans, and enjoy!

Carrot Cake Pancakes {Gluten-Free}
Spring is here, which means it's carrot cake season! This gluten-free carrot cake pancake recipe is perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, or just good ol' Sunday Brunch. You're going to love it!
    Servings10 pancakes
    Prep Time5 minutes
    Cook Time15 minutes
    1. In a high-speed blender, blend oats until flour-like consistency, making oat flour.
    2. Add in the remainder of ingredients and blend until well combined but not over blending. Scrape down sides as needed.
    3. Let the batter rest for about 5 minutes to thicken up, you want it to be pretty thick!
    4. Pour 1/3 cup batter onto a medium-low skillet that has been greased with coconut oil.
    5. Flip over once bubbles have formed and the bottom is golden brown.
    6. Repeat until all pancakes are made.

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