Fat-Burning Antioxidant Berry Smoothie {Gluten-Free, Non-Dairy, Vegan}

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Many of us indulge over the holidays, which can add a pound (or 5!) to our waistline. There are plenty of healthy sweet treats, like this peppermint mocha milkshake. However, sometimes you just need something to boost your metabolism and shed some extra pounds. This fat-burning antioxidant berry smoothie is perfect for breakfast, or anytime your metabolism needs a reset.

Why you need this Fat-Burning Smoothie

There are plenty of smoothie recipes out there, but this one focuses on a few key things:

  • Boosting metabolism to burn fat
  • Increasing fiber to flush toxins
  • Using healthy fats to balance blood sugar

The ingredients in this smoothie will do just that and then some! Here’s a breakdown of the fat-burning antioxidant smoothie ingredients and their impressive benefits.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that help maintain healthy blood sugar balance. The healthy fats also help keep you full and burn fat (source). Adding a spoonful of coconut oil to a smoothie can yield clumpy results, but this recipe includes a simple trick to getting a creamy smoothie with coconut oil.

Wildly Organic Coconut Oil is certified organic and has a light, mild coconut taste which is perfect for this smoothie recipe!

Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and promote general wellness. The catechins in green tea have also been studied for their ability to burn fat and boost metabolism. No one wants a warm smoothie, so be sure to make and cool the green tea ahead of time for best results. A fast way is to add the tea leaves to 1/2 cup of water, strain, then add ice to reach 2 cups.

Chia Seeds

Although chia seeds are popular in overnight oats, these nutrient powerhouses are great for smoothies too. Chia seeds are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that promote a healthy inflammatory response. They’re also rich in fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorous, and zinc. Unlike other plant-based proteins, chia seeds are a complete protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids. Here are some other chia seed benefits.

  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar
  • Keep you feeling full with healthy fats and protein
  • Provide energy
  • Protect heart health
  • Promote a healthy weight

Wildly Organic Chia Seeds are 100% organic, high-quality and packed with nutrition!

Other superstar ingredients in this Antioxidant Berry Smoothie

Berries add antioxidants and flavor to this fat-burning smoothie. They’re full of flavor but low in sugar. Spinach is used because it’s high in vitamins and fiber that help remove waste from the body. Kale or any other healthy green will also work, but spinach has a milder flavor. And lastly this smoothie uses just a bit of cayenne pepper, a potent metabolism enhancer.

Tips for making this Fat-Burning Berry Smoothie

  • To make sure the coconut oil doesn’t clump when you add it, do this easy step first. Heat the coconut oil just until melted. After the smoothie has been blending for a while, slowly pour in the melted coconut oil. Instead of clumps, you’ll have a creamy smoothie with this method.
  • Cayenne pepper is great for boosting the metabolism, but it has quite a kick. If you want some benefits but don’t like spicy, then go with a pinch of cayenne. If you really want to amp up the fat-burning factor then add more cayenne.
  • If you like your smoothie on the sweeter side, try Wildly Organic Coco Monkey Sweetener. It’s a natural sugar that is low calorie and made from organic inulin, freeze-dried organic coconut water, and monk fruit sweetener. You can also use your favorite sweetener of choice to sweeten up your smoothie if you choose!

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Will you have this Fat-Burning Antioxidant Berry Smoothie for breakfast or a snack?

Fat-Burning Antioxidant Berry Smoothie
Try this fat-burning antioxidant berry smoothie is perfect for breakfast, or anytime your metabolism needs a reset. It's easy to make and is packed with nutrition. Full of ingredients like green tea, spinach, berries, coconut oil and chia seeds, you'll love this delicious drink recipe that is good for you, too!
    Servings2 servings
    Prep Time10 minutes
    1. Add the green tea, spinach, chia seeds, and cayenne pepper to the blender. Process until smooth.
    2. Sweeten to taste with coco monkey sugar free sweetener or your favorite sweetener.
    3. Add the berries and blend just until smooth.
    4. While the blender is still on low/medium, slowly pour in the MCT oil. Blend. Pour into glass, and enjoy!

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