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5 Benefits and Uses of Coconut Milk Powder

A bag of coconut milk powder and coconut milk in a glass bottle></p>
<p>Uh-oh. Your recipe calls for coconut milk, but you don't have any cans in the pantry. Perhaps just as frustrating are the times when a recipe only calls for a small amount, and you're left with a half-empty can and no clue what to do with the rest. If you're as forgetful as me, I'll often open a can and leave the leftovers sitting in the back of the fridge where they are doomed to be forgotten about and wasted. </p>

Wildly Organic's Coconut Milk Powder has become a lifesaver! Coconut milk powder’s uses are many. Whether you love to make creamy puddings, dairy-free smoothies, or ice cream, you'll soon wonder why you never thought of adding coconut milk powder to your list of pantry staples! We can easily think of five reasons to add coconut milk powder to your pantry.


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Dairy-Free & Sugar-Free White Hot Chocolate {paleo & keto-friendly!}

Dairy-Free & Sugar-Free White Hot Chocolate {paleo & keto-friendly!}

This Dairy-Free & Sugar-Free White Hot Chocolate is meant to be enjoyed the minute the weather turns cold. It's a low-carb, paleo drink that's wintery without being Christmas-y! You'll love the deep richness of raw cacao butter and the creaminess of coconut milk in this extra special hot drink!

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Coconut Mango Popsicles {Dairy-Free, Vegan, No Refined Sugar}

Top down photo of coconut mango popsicles on a black slate board.

When it’s feeling warm outside you need something cool and refreshing to beat the heat. These easy Coconut Mango Popsicles are just the thing! Dairy-free and no refined sugars mean a wholesome treat for everyone, too.

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How to Make a Perfect Vinaigrette

Photo of blueberry vinaigrette

When I had to go gluten-free and decided to adopt a paleo lifestyle, I quickly had to learn how to make my own salad dressings. Thankfully, making a perfect vinaigrette is easier than it sounds and you can use what you have on hand! With a few simple steps, I’ll show you how to make a perfect vinaigrette every time!

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Paleo Chocolate Fruit Kabobs {Gluten-Free, Vegan}

Paleo Chocolate Fruit Kabobs {Gluten Free, Vegan}

If you're looking for a quick sweet treat this summer for the whole family or need an easy dessert to bring along to those summer potlucks and barbeques, these Paleo Chocolate Fruit Kabobs are the perfect recipe for you. Fresh fruit on a stick is covered in sweet chocolate that hardens in minutes in the freezer.

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