Organic Coconut Chips

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Are you looking for healthy coconut snacks to munch on? Then these organic coconut chips are for you!

Our unsweetened coconut chips are one of our most popular products for eating by the handful. Stores that offer these as samples at the register have a hard time keeping them in stock. These chips are the size of potato peelings. You can easily add them to trail mix, granola, and many other foods for a delicious coconut flavor.

Product Certifications:

USDA Certified OrganicNon-GMO VerifiedRawGluten-FreeVeganPaleo-friendlyKetogenicKosher
Whole30 friendly!

Country of Origin (subject to change):
  • Sri Lanka

How We Make Our Dehydrated Coconut?

Over the years, we have perfected a meticulous process to create the melt-in-your-mouth delicious coconut products that we could still call "raw". Making our heavenly coconut chips starts with organic, wild coconuts. We remove the coconut from the shell and wash it with chlorine-free water.

Then we shred the coconut and dehydrate it at 98.6°F (37°C). This desiccation at low temperatures allows us to remove the moisture without affecting the pure coconut flavor. The result is a tasty product you can eat raw or use to make coconut snacks.

Most unsweetened coconut chips in grocery stores are desiccated at higher temperatures and soaked in preservatives like corn syrup or propylene glycol. This high temperature changes the sweet coconut flavor to a toasty one. This is where you can notice the Wildly Organic difference! 

Buy Organic Coconut Chips in Bulk

Do you want to fill your bakery with the sweet scent of coconut? We offer wholesale and bulk purchase options just for you! Pastry chefs, bakeries, and even James Beard Award-winning restaurants take advantage of this opportunity to give their customers the most delicious and high-quality baked goods. 

Our coconut chips come in 7-ounce, 16-ounce, and 3-pound resealable packages that keep the products fresh. 25-pound plastic bags of our unsweetened coconut chips are also available. You can order yours today for 10% off and free shipping on your first purchase!

Make Your Own Coconut Snacks

You can use our dehydrated coconut to make a variety of healthy snacks. Here are some recipes you can try:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our coconut chips? Here you can find the answers!

Are Wildly Organic coconut chips healthy?

Yes. Our dehydrated coconut is not only delicious but also full of nutrients. It contains healthy fats, vitamins, iron, calcium, and more. It’s a healthy coconut snack that will energize you and enrich your body with a plethora of essential nutrients.

Do unsweetened coconut chips contain any sugar?

Wildly Organic’s coconut chips contain only 2 grams of sugar per serving. That’s less than half a teaspoon per serving! So these crispy coconut treats can be a healthy snack option when you’re watching your weight or general well-being. 

How do you eat coconut chips?

You can eat these crispy chips as a standalone snack or add them to various recipes. They taste great in trail mixes, granola, cookies, and other baked goods. You can even use them in salads and healthy lunch recipes.

Are unsweetened coconut chips and coconut flakes the same?

Yes and no. Coconut flakes are raw, dehydrated coconut shavings. Coconut chips are also raw and dehydrated but have a different shape - they are thicker and longer.. They are both healthy, delicious natural treats you can snack on or use in different recipes.