3 Superfoods to Boost Your Brain Power

Photo of Olive Oil and Pumpkin Seeds | 3 Superfoods to Boost Your Brain Power | Good nutrition is important for cognitive function. Incorporate these 3 superfoods to boost your brain power into your diet. #realfood #healthylifestyle #healthylife #superfoods #cleaneating #paleo #veganHave you ever wondered why there are some days you seem to be super productive, and then there are other days when brain fog just kicks your booty? There are several factors involved, but one of the biggest considerations is how you feed your body and brain. If you put junk into your engine, it’s not going to function at peak performance. Good nutrition is important for cognitive function. Here are 3 superfoods to boost your brain power.

3 Superfoods to Boost Your Brain Power

Eat Nuts

Nuts are an easy snack to pack on-the-go, add to main dishes or sides, and to top salads. Nut butters, like almond butter, are also a great way to incorporate more nut-power into your diet.

A recent study backs the claim that increasing nut intake supports and strengthens the brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, learning, memory, and other important brain functions. Pistachios produced the highest gamma ray response affecting things like learning, retaining information, and cognitive processing, while walnuts had the highest antioxidant concentrations.

**Watch out for additives like low-quality oils and sugar, and opt for raw nuts whenever possible. Wildly Organic nuts really shine in this easy Nut and Seed Bars recipe, which is perfect for snacking. You can learn more about the benefits of nuts and best ways to use them in the kitchen here.

Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great all-purpose oil to use for cooking, marinades, and homemade salad dressings.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains high levels of polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants found to reduce and possibly reverse age- and disease-related memory and learning deficits. This study suggests that extra virgin olive oil has positive effects on memory and learning by reversing oxidative damage to the brain.

**Watch out for cheap olive oil blends (is your olive oil fake?) and be sure you’re getting the real deal with Wildly Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Try out this 10 minute recipe for Greek-Style Salad with Olive Oil Dressing.

Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an easy and satisfying snack, also great to add to homemade trail mixes, granola, salads, or just eat straight out of the bag.

As with nuts, pumpkin seeds are also higher in Omega 3s which support healthy brain function. Pumpkin seeds have an additional benefit of magnesium, tryptophan (a precursor for serotonin which promotes good mood), and B Vitamins. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in zinc which can enhance memory and critical thinking.

**Watch out for added ingredients and opt for organic raw, soaked and dried pumpkin seeds.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your brain power, try incorporating some of these superfoods along with a well-balanced diet and physical activity to see if it makes a difference.

What are some other methods you incorporate to increase your brain power? 

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