DIY Cacao Face Mask {with just 3 ingredients!}

DIY Cacao Face Mask {with just 3 ingredients!}


Are you in the mood for some luxurious pampering? Then you need to try this decadent detoxing cacao face mask! Not only does it feel and smell incredible, but it’s also loaded with beneficial ingredients. Plus, who can resist the smell of chocolate? 

With only three ingredients, you’ll whip this DIY cacao face mask in no time at all. It makes a great gift for a friend, too! I love to double the batch and keep one for myself and give one to a friend that needs a little pampering.

DIY Cacao Face Mask

This easy DIY cacao face mask is so luxurious and decadent, but just contains three ingredients: Wildly Organic Fermented Cacao Powder, bentonite clay and water.

Cacao is rich in flavanols and polyphenols (source), which can help to nourish and moisturize the skin, stimulate and smooth your skin tone, and may even fight UV damage (source).

The antioxidants in cacao also help guard against skin inflammation, and they protect the skin from the inside out by neutralizing oxidative stress. Overall, raw cacao is great to use on your skin!

This face mask also uses bentonite clay, which is an absorbent clay that comes from volcano ash. It’s been used for thousands of years, both internally and externally, as a traditional natural healing method.

Combined with water, bentonite clay expands and helps to draw out toxins for a gentle detox effect. On your skin, it can help to remove bacteria and toxins, and might even be able to calm skin infections! (source)

How to Make a Decadent Cacao Face Mask

It’s easy to whip up a single face mask whenever you need it, but you can make it even easier (or make it as a gift!) by preparing your cacao face mask ahead of time.

I like to combine about a tablespoon of each of the dry ingredients and keep it in a small jar in the bathroom, so that whenever I want a quick mask, I just put about 2 teaspoons of the dry mixture in a little bowl, add water, and voila! Instant face mask!

Just a fair warning, the wonderful smell might have you craving chocolate so I’d highly recommend setting aside your face mask wait time for some dark chocolate eating and relaxation! Who wouldn’t love a chocolate spa day? 

Looking for more ways to change up your beauty routine? Try these easy DIYs!

DIY Cacao Face Mask Recipe:


(Makes 1 mask)

1 teaspoon Wildly Organic Fermented Cacao

1 teaspoon bentonite clay

1 teaspoon filtered water


Combine the cacao and bentonite clay in a small bowl. Avoid using a metal bowl or spoon; Metal reacts with bentonite clay and makes it less effective.

For immediate use, add water and mix with your finger, adding more if needed until smooth pudding-like paste forms.

Use your fingertips to cover your face in a thin layer of the mixture.

Let your mask sit on your face for 10 minutes. It doesn’t need to dry completely for you to experience the full benefits of the mask. You can remove it after it starts to dry and feel tight on your skin.

To remove, use warm water and either a washcloth or your hands to gently apply water to loosen the mask. Wash your face in small, circular motions. Don’t scrub off the mask, and be especially gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Your skin might look a little pink afterward but that’s normal.

Follow up with your favorite face oil or moisturizer… and maybe another bite of chocolate!

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