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At Wildly Organic, we believe that food should be as nature intended it: minimally processed, wholesome, and delicious. That’s why we have crafted our all-natural chocolate syrup from organic chocolate and natural sweeteners.

There are no gums or other unsavory ingredients here. If you’re looking for an all-natural, sweet addition to your pantry, this dairy-free chocolate syrup is it!

Organic Chocolate Syrup: Perfect For Every Treat

Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, Fairtrade Certified, and raw diet compliant, our thick and delicious vegan chocolate syrup is perfect for different uses. It makes the best ice cream sundaes and is a tasty dip for fruits or pretzels.

Just warm the jar and use what you need. With its rich, thick consistency similar to chocolate fudge, you can stir our dairy-free chocolate syrup into milk (or your favorite milk alternative) for deliciously rich chocolate milk.

You can even add espresso to this organic chocolate delight to transform it into a decadent café mocha. Mix it with our organic coconut spread and put it on toast. Or better yet, eat it off the spoon! We promise we won’t tell anyone!

Get Creative With Wildly Organic’s Chocolate Syrup

Use our organic chocolate syrup in these recipes for a special treat:

A Vegan Chocolate Syrup — 100% Delicious

Our Certified Fairtrade chocolate syrup is made from only two ingredients — raw cacao powder and organic agave nectar. Using organic chocolate and a natural sweetener makes it one of the most delicious syrups on the market.

It also stores well at room temperature and requires no refrigeration, making it an ideal choice for a shelf-stable pantry go-to. It contains no preservatives or binders, just the good stuff.

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Healthy Ingredients, Fair Trade Practices

Wildly Organic’s approach to organic food goes beyond healthy nutrition. We want to do our part to combat and balance global trade inequalities by paying fair prices to the farmers and laborers who make our healthy, organic chocolate products possible.

So, we’re thrilled to announce that our organic chocolate syrup is certified through Fair Trade America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got unanswered questions about Wildly Organic’s chocolate syrup? See the FAQs below.

Does your chocolate syrup contain eggs?

No. Our dairy-free chocolate syrup is made without eggs or other dairy products. It only contains raw cacao powder and agave nectar. It’s one of our favorite vegan products, perfect for desserts and indulgent chocolate recipes. You can enjoy this organic chocolate product regardless of dietary restrictions or allergies.

How long can organic chocolate syrup last?

You can store our vegan chocolate syrup in a cool, dry place for up to one year. It doesn’t need refrigeration, but you can keep it in the fridge. Check the expiration date on the product for the most accurate information regarding its longevity.

Can you replace cacao powder with chocolate syrup?

You can sometimes replace cacao powder with chocolate syrup in different recipes. Powder gives a richer chocolate flavor to the recipe, while syrup adds extra sweetness. Replace one tablespoon of cacao powder with two tablespoons of Wildly Organic’s chocolate syrup for the best results.

Can I use chocolate syrup instead of melted organic chocolate?

It’s best not to replace melted chocolate with organic chocolate syrup in your recipes. Chocolate syrup has a different consistency. So, it won’t yield the same results as melted chocolate. Stick with melted chocolate or cacao nibs for the intended texture and the most delicious dessert.

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