20 No-Bake Paleo Recipes for Summer

20 No-Bake Paleo Recipes for Summer

Summer is here and the weather is heating up! To help you cool down, we’ve gathered up TWENTY of our most popular NO BAKE paleo recipes that are perfect for Summer.

20 NO BAKE Paleo Recipes for Summer

Grilled Peaches with Almond Butter Drizzle {Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free}


While most people are familiar with grilling vegetables, many of us don’t even register that fruit can be grilled also. Grilled Peaches are a summer treat you have to try! Drizzle with Wildly Organic Almond Butter and Wildly Organic Coconut Syrup to your peach a little pizzaz.

How to Make a Perfect Vinaigrette {Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo, Gluten-Free}


Most vinaigrettes are made with red wine or balsamic vinegar – but why do what everyone else does? Create the perfect vinaigrette with Wildly Organic Coconut Vinegar.

Paleo Chocolate Fruit Kabobs {Gluten-Free, Vegan}


If you’re looking for a quick sweet treat this summer for the whole family or need an easy dessert to bring along to summer BBQs, these Paleo Chocolate Fruit Kabobs are the perfect recipe for you. Make a nice chocolate drizzle with Wildly Organic Fermented Cacao Powder and  Wildly Organic Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil for a nice cold treat on a summer afternoon.


Curried Deviled Eggs {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Keto, Paleo Friendly}


Deviled Eggs are a staple at summer BBQs and picnics. These Curried Deviled Eggs pack a lot of flavor with some added health benefits too. Give these a little anti-inflammatory boost with Wildly Organic Turmeric.


Spicy Coconut Date Energy Bites {gluten-free, paleo, vegan}


These Spicy Coconut Date Energy Bites are the perfect afternoon pick me up. Packed full of healthy fats from nuts and sweetness from Wildly Organic Goji Berries and Wildly Organic Fermented Cacao Nibs.


Fat-Burning Antioxidant Berry Smoothie {gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan}


This Fat-Burning Antioxidant Berry Smoothie is perfect for breakfast, or anytime your metabolism needs a reset. Naturally sweetened with Wildly Organic Coco Monkey Sweetener.


Blueberry Lime Chia Fresca {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Paleo Friendly}


Have you ever tried infusing water with fruits before? Summer is a perfect time to enjoy this Blueberry Lime Chia Fresca! Packed with Wildly Organic Chia Seeds and sweetened with Wildly Organic Agave Nectar.


Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl {Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo}


Do you enjoy a smoothie in the morning? I know I sure do. But every now and then I like to slow it down and enjoy a smoothie bowl instead. This Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl is exactly what your Summer morning needs. Packed with healthy fats and proteins such as  Wildly Organic Cashew Butter and Wildly Organic Chia Seeds.


Coconut Milkshake with Cacao Nibs {paleo, dairy-free, vegan & low-carb options!}

This Coconut Milkshake is the perfect summer treat. It’s easy to whip up and won’t send you on a sugar rush rollercoaster. Naturally sweetened with Wildly Organic Coconut Syrup.

Vegan Coconut Butter & Vanilla Bean Fruit Dip (with a sugar-free option!)


This Paleo Fruit Dip can be made with healthy, unrefined sweeteners or none at all, but we like using the naturally sweet  Wildly Organic Coco Monkey Low-Cal Sweetener

Dairy-Free Fruity Coconut Nice Cream Cake


This “nice” cream cake takes the place of both cake and ice cream. This Coconut Nice Cream Cake, made with  Wildly Organic Coconut Milk Powder, fresh fruit, and Wildly Organic Coconut Syrup , is completely dairy-free!

Coconut & White Chocolate Shake {Dairy-Free}


This healthy Dairy-Free Coconut and White Chocolate Shake is packed full of healthy ingredients without sacrificing the delicious taste… because Wildly Organic’s Raw Cacao Butter just makes you happy!


This Banana, Coffee, and Cacao Smoothie combo bring together flavors matched in heaven. Wildly Organic Fermented Raw Cacao Powder is the secret ingredient to the morning smoothie.


Freeze-Dried Mango Salsa {Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo}


A nice change from regular tomato-based salsa, is this light and fruity Mango Salsa with a refreshing burst of flavor. It pairs well with chips, salads, tacos, and burritos, and tastes amazing atop grilled chicken or steak. Featuring Wildly Organic Freeze-Dried Mango.

This Low-Carb Tabbouleh replaces bulgur wheat with riced cauliflower. Fresh, flavorful herbs, Wildly Organic Olive Oil, and lime juice combine for a light, refreshing salad that’s a perfect companion for grilled meats or to take to a potluck.


No-Bake Matcha Cheesecake {Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free}


Mix up your summer treats with this Green Tea Matcha Cheesecake that is both gluten and dairy-free. Sweetened with Wildly Organic Coconut Syrup.


Herbal Hydrating Hibiscus Coole {Paleo}


Make this Herbal Hydrating Hibiscus Cooler in large batches and keep it in the fridge for all-day sipping. It’s nice to have when kids come in from playing in the heat and want something cold right away!

Raw Coconut Butter Berry Bites {Paleo}


These Raw Coconut Butter Berry Bites are so simple and so yummy. The dash of vanilla and fresh lemon zest will send you humming and dancing all the way to the Caribbean.

Raw Avocado-Lime Tart {Paleo, Dairy-Free!}


This allergy-friendly Avocado Lime Tart is a refreshing change from heavy, baked desserts. It’s bright and fresh, and it’s color practically screams its nutrient density.


Homemade Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cups {Paleo, Dairy-Free!}


Ready for a richer, darker, and dare I say, healthier version of the infamous peanut butter cup? Try these Paleo Homemade Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cups. Filled with melt in your mouth Wildly Organic Sprouted Almond-Pecan Butter.


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